on a Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morningIt’s always surprising when the boys sleep past 6:30. I am already dressed and on my second cup. I’ve already scratched out a list – or two. Seth has put in an hour and a half of pajama lawyering at the dining room table. This is our favorite time of day, the gray dark, the animals that tip-toe right before day turns on, a few words slipped in like spice for the pallet. It changes the flavor of the whole day. 

I have on a new shirt, had to buy new ones that are longer and not as tight. So much clings. I find myself clinging to the old, and it’s so silly.

Here comes the zipper-pajama one, the young one who nestles. I hold and I breathe, at first because my friends who have lost little ones have all said, “breathe them. hold them,” but after a second I inhale because he is perfume. Yes, he smells a little like pee, but also like heavy child sleep, like sweet playdough in Big God hands. I am nothing to do with His making, how great a child.

He kisses my neck where he just scratched, where I said, “Ouch!” He kisses me now, this Tuesday morning, and I receive it, then he squirms away.

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Reply December 8, 2009

First of all, I'm drinking from that same cup, my DaySpring (in)courage friend. Second. I'm so glad you linked up this Tuesday Morning. Feels like I was right there at your table, smelling God playdough and peepeee.

Michelle at Graceful
Reply December 8, 2009

That was so beautiful -- potty pjs and all! And now I need to go get my second of coffee and enjoy this gray dawn!

Reply December 8, 2009

There is something so stirring in your words this morning...I'm toasting your Tuesday cuppa with my own and looking at my little ones a bit more teary-eyed for sure! My oldest guy is turning twelve next week...how did that happen?!

Reply December 8, 2009

"He kisses me now, this Tuesday morning, and I receive it, then he squirms away."

They ask so much of us as they grow, but they won't know what they ask until their own little ones squirm away. I love your tenderness. I am too often afraid to receive for the loss I know must follow.

Reply December 8, 2009

It's my favorite part of the day too (and I love how you described it). And there is nothing quite as tender as an early morning cuddle. So sweet!

Boy Crazy (@claritychaos)
Reply December 8, 2009

A nice treat to see your link among the Tuesday morning gifts.

Reply December 8, 2009

I wish I had known the power in the gift of these morning hours years ago. When I pulled covers up trying to hide from the day.

But those inhales, those kisses, they are everything.

Reply December 8, 2009

I love your words today.

That time in the morning is my favorite time of day, too. And I too often don't savor those moments when the first sleepy-eyed boy comes shuffling in from his bedroom and cuddles up with me as I'm sipping my second cup. Thank you for reminding me what a gift those moments are.

Reply December 8, 2009

Beautiful...beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I will be breathing and holding my not-for-long-15-month-old when his scruffy pajama curls wake tomorrow morning!

Reply December 8, 2009

Absolutely positively love this. LOVE, love, love. And how I long to have those early mornings. I've got to do something about my desire to lay in that bed. You are inspiring. And I just love the word pictures you create. Just beautiful.

Reply December 8, 2009

I breathe. It's much easier now that my daughter has become a cuddler (we think she might be sensing that her babydom is about to be usurped). It is wonderful.

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply December 8, 2009

Beautiful post. I love snuggling with my kids when they first get up.

But I'll admit -- they come to my bed to snuggle, because at 6:30, I'm still VERY MUCH asleep. I couldn't quite get over your first line about being up for an hour and a half already by 6:30. My wake-up time is 7:00 or 7:30 and even then, I grumble and snarl. (Which is why I love snuggling before I even roll out of bed. That kind of spice does change my mood.)

Reply December 8, 2009

Those early morning snuggles, and new day beginning scents are what get us through the day! Loved this.

the scooper
Reply December 8, 2009

Perfect. Yes, even pee-scented p.j.'s are sweet, something only the mama can properly appreciate.

Reply December 8, 2009

breathe and hold... i need to remember that. your words make me melt into my own memories ...

Reply December 8, 2009

i don't love mornings but you make me want to.

Reply December 8, 2009

It's your posts like these that make me thrilled to experience all the mommy things you share on here.

Reply December 9, 2009

Best part of the day. No question.

Semi-Crunchy Mama
Reply December 9, 2009

Loved this! As much as I wish my son would sleep later in the mornings (he's up at 5:30, like clockwork, every day!) I do cherish our early-morning snuggles, when we're both still foggy with sleep.

Reply December 9, 2009

This brought tears to my eyes! It reminds me to cherish this early morning, yet often inconvenient time. My boys have been waking much earlier since learning to climb out of their cribs and I've had a tough time adjusting. This helps me see the positive side.

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