Way better than Santa Claus


ast evening, as I washed dishes, I heard a knock at the door, and I knew it wasn’t Seth because it was a feminine tap tap tap. I asked Isaac to open it, because I assumed it was my girlfriend and backdoor neighbor. When he unlocked it, I saw Nicole’s eyes peek through. My friend who has lived all the way in Portland for years has given me a surprise visit. I let out a scream that I apparently needed to release. I kicked both legs in the air, and then I tackled her. We stood in the cold doorway laughing and hugging, and then we just kept holding on, and we both cried. It’s so good to cry on somebody sometimes. 

propped feet

My boys attacked her, too, showing her tricks, teaching her how to climb inside the doorframe, and then they went to bed. She and her husband kicked off their shoes, and we ate Thai food, propped our feet on the coffee table and enjoyed eggnog. 

hand talkingWe can’t get enough of them!

lovingAnd the following is a bonus picture for you of Seth. He’s so hot.

my handsomely genius husband

I wanted to let you know here that if you twitter, there’s a gang filling that space with thanksgiving. Join us. #onethousandgifts 

Also, find me at ChristmasChange today on the Teachable Moment. I’m wondering how you handle them?

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Aunt Pam
Reply December 9, 2009

That is so much fun getting together with ol' friends! Oh! Seth...you've never looked so good! LOL!!

Reply December 9, 2009

What a beautiful surprise!
I'd hold on to a dear friend in the cold and cry too! :)

Reply December 9, 2009

There's nothing like seeing old friends! And a surprise too! Oh and nice picture of Seth, it's almost a little frightening. :)

Reply December 9, 2009

Oh my goodness, one of my favorite surprises ever!!! Such blessing.

(Also -when I look at that one picture, I wonder if Seth wants to make fun of my hands. Go on, Seth. POKE FUN. I know you wanna.)

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