what’s getting my goat

Back home, when we were really moved to anger or joy or whatever – we would say, “Well, that just gets my goat!” 

The beautiful thing about this stage of motherhood is how heavily sometimes I have to depend on music to stir my heart toward truth or obedience or joy.

Sufjan Stevens, (do you know him?) is one man so obedient with his art, running right off with my goat – especially with the Christmas season. A few years ago, he released a double cd of Christmas tunes. I listen to some of it all year long.

If you love, I mean completely delight in, how a banjo can rip a heart out and strum it back in one fingerpick at a time, then Sufjan at Christmas is for you.

And then, if you love to dance while you clean the kitchen, don’t pretend like God’s not watching. There’s no video, so stand up, clear a space, close your eyes as much as you can, and dance.

And now, your new assignment is to order these CDs, then listen to this next song, then call your granny, and I mean it.

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Adventures In Babywearing
Reply December 13, 2009

Oh yes. It's actually my favorite Christmas collection! And I missed an opportunity to see him live this fall because I wasn't ready to leave Ivy yet. I love Ivy a whole lot. :)


Reply December 14, 2009

There was about a 4 week period when Hudson was oh 6 weeks-ish or so whenI'd play "Holy, Holy, Holy" over and over again on my phone to get him to take a nap. So good. I never got tired of it.

    Reply December 14, 2009

    Sarah, that is so sweet to me!

Diana Guiney
Reply December 15, 2009

Amber, I love that you have this post! I went to a tiny school with Sufjan and we knew he was brilliant back then! I am so happy that everyone else is enjoying his music now.


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