A Mess, A Song, A Rock Home Companion

Is it always that I must bring up Walmart? I’m sorry for my constant big business support, the drone of the shopping cart with the wobbly wheel, the eggs and bread always in the cart with my purse, in the spot for a child. I can’t take them to the store anymore. They’re too many. This is life at thirty, trying to make it work, going to Walmart, fiddling your key into the door of the wrong mini-van, paused like a soul with extra gravity in the parking lot, eyes stalking the couple, the beautiful one. A girl pushes a cart. Running, she pushes it with him riding and facing her, him as big as any athlete, handsome and smiling, and she runs to the car, into him, like she wishes she could always run.

There is romance, and then there is a rock house with six babies, my closest girl cousin and her husband come to visit. Ours and theirs equals six.

There’ll be a time for conversation, for the whole foods store, and for the clean floors. But until then, we relate through invisible telephone wire. We “remember when” in half phrases and nods. We make the same Mother groans. We most often say, “Now what were we saying?” 

We do the best that we can, and we say thank you for our husbands when we’re not moody. Oh, what grace allows us to fall in love over again! What grace affords some unromance!

Some Unromantic Beautiful

Warning: at the beginning, one of us seems to yell, but as the Mama here, I think this is the sweetest video.

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Reply December 14, 2009

YES. It totally makes sense. "What grace affords some unromance."
I made my hubs of 14 years an anniversary dinner on Saturday night. It was gourmet and scrumptuous and I slaved all day on it. Do you know what I did with the kids? I put on a movie and had them skip naps so they would go to sleep right away, so we could eat in PEACE. You just do what you gotta do. Sometimes you can't hold hands with your boyfriend because your hands are full of sippy cups or babies or paper towels. And that's okay....

Boy Crazy (@claritychaos)
Reply December 14, 2009

Oh how I want to pack my three boys in the minivan and drive down for a sing-a-long!!! You all are so cute.

Reply December 14, 2009

Matt and I just watched that video and both agreed how much we love sweet Ian. So much!!

Reply December 14, 2009

Yup, the video is too cute. I think we should get yours and mine together for a duet-in-the-cute. We should make sure they are both at least wearing diapers.

(lol - my lawyer husband just suggested that I note to you that he is making up the prenuptial agreement for your lawyer husband to review. There is a reason my guy blogs only rarely. He really should not be allowed... ;-)

Reply December 14, 2009

My head is nodding ... yes yes yes! To everything. I love knowing it's the same for other mamas out there. Thank God for this wonderful thing called blogging so we see others every day.

Reply December 14, 2009

Prov. 14:4 Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strenghth of an ox.

I thought of this verse when I read your post. This stage of life is dirty, and good.

    Reply December 14, 2009

    Oh my gracious, Jessica! That's my next tattoo.

    Corinne, it's good to hear you say it, too.

    Kelly, you're also married to a lawyer? That can be fairly messy, too. By the way, DEAL!

    Nic, I miss you.

    Boycrazy, you are always invited here, but I'd rather you come in the summer when we can set all six boys lose in the yard with a water hose. I'll make us some sweet tea, and we can pull our hippy skirts up above our knees and get some sun.

    Jo, I'm proud of you for making your guy a special night. It's hard to pull off. Right now, I'm waiting for Seth to come down stairs from putting the boys to bed. We're supposed to spend time together, but I'm pretty sure he's passed out in one of their beds. Happy Anniversary, friend!

Reply December 15, 2009

Oh, having watched that, I feel so well-tiding'ed. My two year old gets songs stuck on a loop, too. So funny!

Grace and unromance and "what we're we saying?" We'll cry for these days someday.

Aunt Pam
Reply December 15, 2009

"Oh what fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight. Ohhhh......." , mercy, I miss my kids being that age and think...so would love to have another one...so much love...so much fun...and so much tiredness!! LOL!! They are fun at every stage!! 2 teenagers are "fun"! Thanks for sharing the videos!

Faith Barista | Bonnie
Reply December 15, 2009

"Oh, what grace allows us to fall in love over again! "

Yes, it is grace -- it makes me smile inside and out, when it does strike that way. 'Cuz w/ life with young kids, we hug in those moments of grace.

I love how poetic & everyday you made this post and moment reverberate -- ;)

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