The Rock Home Companion and the Winter Metaphors

It was all azalea turned cotton this past week here in my flower beds, a little brain turned cotton, too. Cabin fever sets in as all the air from the North Pole rushes in for a long visit. I’ve never felt my bones so icy. 

One night this week in the cold kitchen, Seth made stew in our new pressure cooker. Glory to goodness, nothing makes me feel more like a woman than having the regulator bobbling under pressure in my kitchen. Well, nothing makes me feel more like a woman than that, and Seth, and, of course, my subscription to Southern Living.

But desperate weather calls for creative thinking. All work no play makes Mama grow wild-eyed, brings a little animal out.

The rock house smells like home, the stew meat, wine-tenderized. Our music is a little bold and dancy sad. The boys piled around us, and we laughed and said words that make no sense. 

Jude gave me a rare, “I love you.” They all tenderly kissed, piling them on for the too-cool independent years. Ian tried on every pair of shoes in the house and used his man voice, then hung on like a monkey. I don’t even need arms to hold that child.

Though they cling and hurl themselves head-long over furniture like caged monkeys, their new haircuts brought out the lion cub in them, and I purred about it nonstop, slicking them back and snapping pictures, gritting my teeth a bit at their greatness. 

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Reply January 11, 2010

Can you put a "like button" on your blog? So I can click it a hundred times? The boys/monkeys/cubs get cuter by the post.

Reply January 11, 2010

Love this. It is inspirational. For when I get a snow day. Or for when it is too hot to go outside. And we are stir crazy. I'm learning that messes are a good thing.

Love the pictures here. I'm so serious. It's like visiting!

Reply January 11, 2010

Such a delicious post, for so many reasons!

Reply January 11, 2010

Nothing says cold winter day like a yummy beef stew... I don't know why we haven't had one this winter!
Love how you string words together. I could read for hours on end.

Muthering Heights
Reply January 11, 2010

You look dreadfully fancy in that head-dress!!!

Reply January 12, 2010

Your family is so beautiful.

Reply January 12, 2010

Your house is goodness and wonder and glory. I love visiting real life and pretend-life through your words.

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply January 15, 2010

It hit me this week -- I think Garrison Keillor might be a Southerner at heart. Because truly, you both have the same gift for story telling. He claims to be Minnesotan, born-and-bred. But I'd like to see his birth certificate.

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