oh goodness

I’m so sorry if you came to an unfinished post earlier. I don’t know why I scheduled it to post without my having written it. 

Mommy brain – it’s genius. It’s made of cornflakes.

Ok. Come back here around nap (ish) time, and I’ll have my actual post up.

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Alicia Brooks
Reply January 20, 2010

Hi friend! I don't seem to have your email address anymore...so I hope you read this. I had to write you and tell you that I heard you this morning on KLRC as we drove to school and was so proud to know such a courageous woman of God. I feel certain your testimony will change and save lives. My boys wanted to know why mommy was crying....and I told them because I was proud, sad and happy for my friend Amber who was talking on the radio about a "hard thing".
Thank you for being so bold and honest. Love ya! Alicia B.

Reply January 20, 2010

lovelovelove you, mama. How would we ever write without naptime?

Becky W.
Reply January 20, 2010

I heard you on the radio this morning! SO proud of you! God is using you in mighty ways!!

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