Melted Checkers and the Many Death Stars: A Rock Home Companion

I haven’t even cleaned the kitchen from last night. It was Mardi Gras with Confetti cake and dearest friends and Jesus talk, and now it’s beef stew cemented in bowls, air-dried french bread, and many things for the recycling bin. I haven’t even really done away with the melted checker pieces Ian had put on a pan in the oven, the ones I melted in a pre-heating. So I venture there, to the piled dishes and poison plastic smell, and the boys follow. I turn on the music, begin to evaluate my mess.

First I grab the recycling, walk to the bedroom, and stick my legs in my boots, yoga pants puddling at the top. I run outside to an empty bin – except for the roll of aluminum foil that had been strangely missing – and then I throw in my junk, thankfully grab the foil, and run back in to a room of dancing boys.

We dance with our eyes shut unless we open them to cheer.

Star Wars stickers stick to our feet. Shoes come off eventually, and we sock-run into slides across the floor, and no one gets hurt, and I’ve read poetry today, and I’m full of gladness, which is rare but wildfire here. Isaac tells me, “I love everything you wear.” They all hug my legs.

Remember this.

~ If I had the chart already, peeling Death Star stickers off the floor, windows, and walls would have been a smiley face beside the “Show Respect” magnet, but finding melted plastic in the stove would have been its removal. It’s not square one if you add a little dancing.

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Ashleigh (Heart and Home)
Reply February 22, 2010

My best mothering-days happen when I'm least expecting them, when we dance instead of clean, when we laugh at the crumbs and the spills. These days aren't often enough. Perhaps I should be deliberate about dancing and laughing...

Reply February 22, 2010

Your boys are precious. What a wonderful memory. Melted checkers and all...something to tease them about where they're 16.

Reply February 22, 2010

"full of gladness...which is rare, but wildfire here." Keep it burning, lady. Your words today read light, glad-hearted. And I think it's contagious.

the scooper
Reply February 22, 2010

That is awesome. All of it! And your boots are sweet, yoga pants and all.

Boy Crazy (@claritychaos)
Reply February 22, 2010

I'm with Jo. I can feel your lightness in your words. Yay for smiling happy boys and their mamas.


Reply February 22, 2010

once I found a melted cinderella in my stove.--now why cinderella was in my stove, the world may never know.

Reply February 22, 2010

The melted checkers are awesome! And I'm so glad you don't feel compelled to clean up the same day you party. I never do, even though it's harder to clean the crust off of dishes, it just seems crazy to end a fun night with dishes.

Southern Gal
Reply February 24, 2010

It's true. Dancing make everything better.

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