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I’m spending all my energy answering little questions on adoption paperwork, rather than letting my imagination skim the concrete and the invisible for a creative post. It’s all yes/no, name and date. It’s all my heart racing.

An email comes from Seth, heavy. He titles it “Discouraged” and links it to this.

My heart is broken. We’re learning this morning that Ethiopia is requiring a second trip to complete the adoption process. This doubles the travel expenses. It’s hard to not let my imagination go wild that this process may last way longer than we expected. It’s hard to not imagine that any rule can change at any time. I know that this is what we are supposed to do, and my wise girlfriend just told me that it’s not for me to know how God will accomplish His work.

Pray for our faith. Pray for Ethiopia Bound, as well.


We’re watching marriages lately, and we’re learning that in the realm of people-love, we choose to put each other first. I chose him. He chose me. No matter how hard it gets, and no matter how many kids swell our love, we chose to love the other first. This is how we learn from God.

Seth wrote a song for me for Valentine’s Day. I love it so much, and you will, too.

Find the play button in there, and listen!

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Reply March 11, 2010

Ok. So, I'm a verbal processor.

We're already praying and connecting with folks in NWA. This change in Ethiopia adoption policy can and will glorify God.

There will be approximately 5 weeks between court dates in Ethiopia. I can stay there with my daughter for that time. I can serve in that country as they would have me, and I wouldn't have to meet and then leave my child.

Please pray for our community as we consider these options.

Reply March 11, 2010

I told Seth earlier that if we go through the adoption process alone this kind of news can be defeating, but if we go through this together as a community it's something that may actually be a gift.

I choose the later.

Let's figure out how to overcome b/c our faith says we already have.

Reply March 11, 2010

Wow. I'm praying for you guys. I love that you're doing this, and I hope that one day I may, too. It makes me happy and excited and feel 'right' just thinking about it.

Reply March 11, 2010

Praying, thinking of you as you travel through the yes/no/name/date stage.
Oh, and that song? Well that's true love singing if ever I heard it.

Reply March 11, 2010

I'll be praying.

If you do decide to stay between court dates, I'd be happy to help watch your boys if needed.

    Reply March 11, 2010

    Megan, you're amazing. It's never been more clear that we need to simplify our lives so we can serve our community. When you become the needy, your eyes open to a lot.

    Thank you, friends.

Reply March 11, 2010

ugh... that is discouraging. Faith says it will work for good, but some things are still hard!

Reply March 11, 2010

Praying a prayer that Jesus prayed... that your faith would not fail. It's true, it's not for us to know how His work will become accomplished... we're only to remain faithful to the promise that it WILL be accomplished to His glory.

Praying for you. And for Ethiopia.

Reply March 11, 2010

I'm sorry for the discouragement. You are right in that God will be glorified. He is in control - as cliche as that sounds. He is near to you and Seth. He knows your heart and put these desires there. He's near your little girl too. Preparing her for you just as He's preparing your family for her. I'm praying that God provides in the correct ways. Whether that is financially because you have to make two trips or for hotel expenses for a five week stay; or that He completely changes the hearts of the officials in Ethiopia and two trips won't be needed. We know He is able to do that.

Reply March 11, 2010

Love the song :)

After learning of the news yesterday, I've just been leaning on the fact that God already know. He knows what that 3-6 weeks in-between will hold...He has a plan for all this. Looking forward to clinging to that with you!!


Kelly @ Love Well
Reply March 11, 2010

You are the third family I know who was discouraged yesterday over this change in Ethiopian law. I'm praying for all of you, that your eyes wouldn't waver off Jesus, that your faith would grow strong and that your love would deepen as you wait for your girls to come home.

    Reply March 11, 2010

    Dear Kelly @ Love Well,

    I must tell you, this new curve ball has gotten me excited. What if we could turn inconvenience into a blessing? What if we could turn this on its head? I think this could really pull out some interesting redemption themes. I'm excited.


Reply March 11, 2010

God never poses problems...He only creates opportunities. You are so blessed that you have been given a God - opportunity that leads directly to a beautiful daughter! I would be excited if I were you!

Oh...and the song...Seth rocks!!!!!!!! Another blessing indeed!

Reply March 11, 2010

i know first hand what changes in policy have the potential to do to your mind. your heart. as you know, this isn't a surprise to Him. what blessing could be added because of this additional trip or additional time? what greater a testimony? greater glorification of faith and trust and surrender?
i know that you know this, but i hope it is an encouragement. He already has your plans laid and is working your path clear right now. i have a friend who is currently "stuck" in Africa awaiting to bring her son home. in the extra weeks there her dad (who traveled with her) became a Christian. she's been praying for this for 10 years. he is growing, serving and thriving there. she also got the "random" opportunity to meet her son's biological father & get his blessing for their adoption.
we never know his plans, but they are always for our good and His glory!

Reply March 11, 2010

Since the first time Pete and I discovered and committed to the idea of "putting the marriage first" we have found it puts everything else into perspective. Suddenly everything is measured against the marriage and not against our own ambitions and preferences. And for us, that has made all the difference.

Reply March 11, 2010

Praying for you - and the song... a-DORE-able. Loves it.
God is good.

Reply March 12, 2010

I've been up since 4:00 worried again. My imagination turns itself over to the monsters sometimes. We're thinking I'll stay and minister there.

Suddenly, I think she won't like me, they won't like me, I won't understand them, they won't me.

I pray. I come here to check up. Thank you, friends here. You have encouraged me. FAITH! I have to constantly say No to wrong thinking and Yes to God's wildness. My wild is nothing compared to His.

Brooke McGlothlin
Reply March 12, 2010

You two are the cat's meow :-)

Reply July 3, 2010

Hi Amber. I just came across your blog during one of those nights of "insomnia surfing". lol. I'm not sure if your adoption process is still on hold or not... But if so, I just feel compelled to say... Stay encouraged! God has a perfect plan and He is the provider of all good things. He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or even think! My husband and I started our adoption process with no clue where the money would come from... but He is faithful. If He has called you to adopt, He will provide the means to do so... even an extra trip. You are in my prayers tonight. God bless.

Reply July 11, 2010

I can't get any of your music/videos to play-it just says "grooveshark" with a little circle that goes around and around. i have a there something I am supposed to download?

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