The following post is by Seth Haines and inspired by To Think’s Redemption Story.


The entire lot of us were puppeteering, pulling strings on Roman marionettes and giving them the mocking words —“all hail the King of the Jews!”  Romans and Jews are not so different.  They give themselves so willingly.

Each of us followed the instructions we received from on low, and our platoons laughed and reviled in the spiritual realms as this rebel miracle-worker struggled up the hill of the skull. I pulled another string, and the nearest Roman guard dragged him up by his raw and bloody shoulders and spat in his wounds.

We led them all up the hill, Jesus meek and mild, and I raised the hammer hand.

The hammer clanks nail, Man cries out…

And that’s when I see Mary.  A pitiful prostitute, she was easy pickings.  She had followed Jesus around as if his presence was spiritual garlic, as if it would ward us away.  And I suppose for a while it worked.

“Weeping Mary, don’t you worry. When your savior is dead, I will come comfort you.  And I will bring a hundred friends.”  The platoon laughed as I mocked her and him.  Yes, pitiful prostitutes are not much different than Romans and Jews.

We watched as Jesus forgave them, and though we winced a bit, my cohorts screeched, “Forgive them? Why don’t you save them, King?”   Yes, we were executing orders perfectly.

He cried out recognizing his forsakenness, and a cacophony of jeers rose to the point of deafening.  In the middle of this rancorous, victorious display of hatred, most of my soldiers missed his last breath.  But as we sucked life from him, his Spirit broke forth full of glory and doom and that same Spirit hovered in the heavenlies and turned to face us, a band of traitorous angels.  He said it again, those words he previously uttered in desperation, but this time they broke like a lion’s roar filling a prey-filled valley, “It is finished!”

As dread filled me I gave the order to retreat and I heard rocks breaking and saw the veil split in two, lacerated by the sword of his words.  Retreating, I looked over my shoulder to see Mary Magdalene shaking in the quake.

And we fled from her.

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Sara Sophia
Reply April 6, 2010

Praise my YHWH.
Praise His Might, His Power and His utter confounding Truth.

He is victory.

And we are His.

To Think Is To Create
Reply April 6, 2010

We saw a production of The Thorn last week ( and they depicted the warfare going on when Judas took the 30 silver pieces seducing and tormenting him all at the same time, all while Satan in a booming voice yelled that He was betrayed for just 30 pieces.

Then they portrayed the warfare going on around Jesus as He prayed in Gethsemane, tempting Him to give in and not go through with it all...the whole time the screaming black demons fighting the angels, powerful and strong until Jesus in one ultimate act of surrender stood and the demons all fell, screeching.

This scene was left out, I'm so glad you described it for us. It's laughable they thought they'd won...

They can only run for so long...

    Reply April 6, 2010

    Dear To Think Is To Create,

    I suppose inspiration comes full circle. I'm glad you wrote what you wrote on your blog. When I read it, I knew I had to do this. Good work over there!

Reply April 6, 2010

Incredible. Speechless.

    Reply April 6, 2010

    Dear Sarah@EmergingMummy and Sarah "the PEEP Eater" Sophia ,

    Thanks for your words. Utterly confounding truth, indeed.

Cassie Boorn
Reply April 6, 2010


Reply April 7, 2010

as always, thumbs up. i've been thinking about the devil a lot recently. it's good to come here and read some thoughts about the winning team. you make beautiful music, homeboy.

Amy Mitchell
Reply April 8, 2010

Wow. Just wow. She is such an interesting figure.

    Reply April 8, 2010

    Dear Amy Mitchell,

    Thanks for stopping by. She is an interesting character, one I can't ever quite figure out.

    And thanks to Hamster for swinging by. I always enjoy a visit from a good rodent.

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