On Living Out Simplicity (from the long-drive to Alabama)

Learn to say No to nonstop going, to a family that doesn’t know what it feels like to rest, to be pure. Don’t overbook. Don’t pass down addiction.

Go outside in the wind and fight it out. Turn the television off, put down the Cheetos, and put some truth and a little vitamin D on it.

Learn to say NO to wants. Believe in true beauty. Act out true beauty for those you lead. Beauty is not hair, face, clothes, or where you come from.

Find the quiet. Deal with pain rather than run from it. Be able to wait. Everything good is worth the wait. We’re all waiting. Just admit the truth.

Quieten the addicted tummy, skin. Quieten the lies.

Whatever it is you’re expecting, find that metaphor in God. Daddy, Home, Brimmed with Rejoicing. Strip it down to SIMPLE. God is the only Real,

and He is

right here.

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Reply April 8, 2010

In case you were wondering, we absolutely were hanging out in the boat by the barn while a kite flew overhead. It was one of the bluest, best days.

Reply April 8, 2010

This post is so refreshing... makes me crave the blue skies that we see so rarely here in Oregon.

And I absolutely LOVE your boots.

Reply April 8, 2010

so very good Amber. I like the part about finding the metaphor in God. Good to me today - thank you.

Heather M in AL
Reply April 8, 2010

An Alabama reader who has had two weeks of pure heart joy (yay for sunshine and blue skies!). We are slowly but surely denying the crazymaking of others that intrude on our schedule, our peace, our family. As my husband says, "We're closing the gate." We've finally given Him some ROOM TO MOVE. It's been heavenly.

Reply April 8, 2010

Loved this. Get back to the simple. Such a good reminder.

Reply April 8, 2010

Oh this is good stuff. I'm writing this down on my To-Do list: Don't overbook.

Kristen@Moms Sharpening Moms
Reply April 8, 2010

Strip it down to SIMPLE. Love. It. Simply wonderful!

Reply April 8, 2010

I needed to read this today. Struggling with so many things pressing and not really knowing how to say no.

Reply April 8, 2010

I absolutely adore this post. You've written so eloquently the way I've been trying to live. Love it.

Reply April 8, 2010

I've been feeling the need to make things more simple. It's hard to balance sometimes, and with little ones...sometimes it's a fine line between becoming a cave dweller and becoming a parent who's always in the car. Ugh. Moderation.
Thanks for the reminder. The pictures remind me of childhood.

Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply April 9, 2010

you literally slowed me down with this post. are we all running so crazy that we're seeking simplicity lately? pondering...

Chris Weigand
Reply April 9, 2010

Wow what a great and beautiful reminder and so true. Now all I have to do is convince my husband. (Although to give him the benefit of the doubt, we just spent the last week on our own spring break. Us and our 8/9 year old daughter had a great time.

Myra @ My Blessed Life
Reply April 11, 2010

As another Alabama girl, we've been LOVING the weather. Simply gorgeous!

What part of Alabama were you in?

I love your blog!

Reply April 11, 2010

Loved and needed this encouraging post today. It is going to help me make lemonade out of today's lemons.

Flower Patch Farmgirl
Reply April 12, 2010

I really like every single word. Such truth. And we must we be reminded of these things? But truly, thank you for reminding.

Reply August 9, 2011

I want to memorize this post or stitch it on a pillow - something to keep its truths in front of me :)

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