the Rock Home Companion: the sky was so blue

This, the dreaded ear poker with high numbers, has chased the hot red ears of several boys here this week. Oh, but for the yummy sweet candy medicine that follows, they’d do anything for ibuprofen, to drink it with a straw, anything but throw up, which is what Jude has been doing for 24 hours. There’s nothing sweet about seeing a child emptied from head to toe.

In the throws of some long freelance work, my eyes cross at the screen, so tired. As on the SAT test, I begin to write ACDC ACDC ACDC.

Seth helps me work, is such a good daddy outside. Jude curls on a chair. I hear the swing screech forward; back; forward; back. He comes in to make dinner, and I throw down the yard quilt,  pallet perfection in the sun.

Called in for dinner with drool on my chin, those of us who can eat sit down to quinoa with black beans and tomatoes, only Seth’s version, which is some of the best stuff I’ve ever tasted. I love it when quinoa cooks and gets out all the little fun hula-hoops.

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Megan (FriedOkra)
Reply April 12, 2010

Only YOU could take a weekend full of vomit and other ickiness and turn it into something so pretty. Hope everyone is on the mend really soon and that you get some extended time on that sunny pallet together this week. Quilts spilled over fresh green grass always look deliciously inviting, don't they?

Elizabeth (@claritychaos)
Reply April 12, 2010

Just popping in to wave a pompon at you. Hip hip hurrah, I think I can I think I can, chug chug chug. (And a hug.)

Thank God for partners in this parenting/life gig. Whether they're husband or grandma or neighbor or friend. Or sometimes all of the above.


Reply April 12, 2010

we've been sick over here, but I couldn't think of a way to make it sound positive or pretty. I hope everyone is feeling better. We are. We just haven't gotten the wheels back on the wagon that was in the middle of painting the bathroom when the sickness hit.

That food looks delicious. Maybe somehow you could distribute the recipe?

Kristen@Moms Sharpening Moms
Reply April 13, 2010

Sick babies makes for long days. I'm praying your babies are better soon!

Lora Lynn
Reply April 14, 2010

Ugh, we are in the throes of Stomach Bug The Sequel over here. It's so sad when the babies are sick. And when the mommies and daddies are sick, too. But that quilt in the sunshine? That looks divine.

Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply April 14, 2010

I love this, these glimpses of life, of your life. I hope your boys are feeling better...

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