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Reply May 12, 2010


Reply May 12, 2010

Been looking for some new music - love it. I so wish I could sing well, I feel like it would be such an amazing talent to have.

Elizabeth (@claritychaos)
Reply May 14, 2010

1.) for some reason this made me nostalgic for college. or maybe it's just for the pre-kid days of unscheduled time, time to sit in bars and coffee shops listening to people's souls pouring out of throats and hearts to the accompaniment of six electric strings.

2.) I am reminded that if I could choose just one talent or gift to have, it would be the talent of singing really, really well.

3.) I wonder, for the gazillionth day in a row, what is it about music that moves us so deeply? and by moving us, jogs such vivid and palpable emotion-memories?

4.) thanks. :) happy weekend to you, pretty mama.

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