on the quiet

I could hear the swing singing in the back of forth of little boys, and I was bent at the squash blossoms, letting the itchy leaf rub my knees, counting the yellow knobs pushing out from the stems. I think on what good butter is with squash, how pleasing it is to feel the sun beat down on air conditioned skin, how honest it is for sweat to bead.

“How long will we be outside? How long can we play?” – a sweet sound through yard, a yell through blinding sun over freshly cut clover. They yell with the sound of bush-hog in the field and bumble bees at the honeysuckle.

And before I speak, we hear it thunder like a low bass drum, and it rumbles on, and their faces reflect disappointment.

A naptime later, the dirt gulped the rain and then held it in full cups. The fish pond ran over. The leak in the kitchen dripped. The weather had said nothing of rain – only clouds – and from the bright blue sky, no clouds, a flick of heat lightening opened the sky like a pouring bucket.

I feel full of God secrets, full up to the edge of my lips of expectations toward the one who knows what we are in secret.

The feeling of hush is good – that cool awakening after a downpour – all drenched and quiet.

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Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply May 26, 2010

when there is nothing to say... if i could take a picture of this, it would look like Him, I think.


Ann Kroeker
Reply May 26, 2010


(feeling quiet, silent, pensive after the rain)

Reply May 26, 2010

quieted here too...

Reply May 26, 2010

my word girl.

Amy @ Never-True Tales
Reply May 26, 2010

I love the hush of this. The reverence. I am there.

Thank you!

Reply May 26, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! The honesty of sweat, and the refreshment of a nap in conditioned air as the rain beats down. Nothing better!

Reply May 26, 2010

Beautiful, my friend.

Reply May 26, 2010

How honest is it for sweat to bead? The dirt gulped the rain? Good gracious, woman. Love it all. You're an inspiring writer to me.

Jane Anne
Reply May 26, 2010

"that cool awakening after a downpour" - that's how my heart feels today. I poured out my heart to God last night. I woke up refreshed. I am thankful for "the one who knows what we are in secret".

Ann Voskamp
Reply May 26, 2010


Reply May 26, 2010

so beautiful

Sara Sophia
Reply May 27, 2010

And in the still there is so much.
The hush where He speaks out
a thunder in my heart.

Quiet before the storm.

Reply May 27, 2010

*Quietly whispers* wow...

Reply May 28, 2010

I feel full of God secrets.. too beautiful..

emily wierenga
Reply May 29, 2010

he rumbles and he quiets with the wash of earth... thank you.

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