A NightLight: A Generations Night

Melissa from One Thing Blog, wrote a post called One Beautiful Evening, and it inspires me so much that I plan to imitate what she called Generations Night.

She said:

Wow…what a beautiful time we had tonight. I hosted a Sr. High girls care group and planned a ‘generations night’. We had women representing most decades of life. I emailed the women, three questions in advance, and then we just sat and talked about what it means to walk with Jesus through your life. It was so beautiful…

Tears were shed, laughter shared, prayers lifted. A sisterhood of sorts developed rapidly, everyone willing sojourners, enroute to holiness. Through deserts, and wilderness, over mountains, through rivers, we will journey on. I can’t believe how much extraordinary I fit into my little living room.

I got a little carried away with pink…and chocolate….

Is that not inspirational? I’m doing it!

Could you?

What questions would you ask if you were to have a Generations Night?


The NightLight Guide for Young Women is a series of posts with questions for or advice from Christian women who have more experience. No matter your age, you’ve been places others haven’t, and you can speak from the other side. I would love some new submissions (questions or advice) – 300 words-ish. Please send them to nightlightguide@gmail.com.

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Reply June 4, 2010

Oh, that is such a wonderful idea. Exactly what the women of the church are supposed to be doing for and with one another-- teaching and learning from each other at each stage of life. Beautiful.

Reply June 4, 2010

How did you deal with loneliness throughout you life?

If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?

What is one piece of advice you'd give for being a wife/mom/woman of God?

Cassie Boorn
Reply June 4, 2010

I just did a call for "letters to your 20 year old self" the response has been amazing. I am currently working on a "letter to my 40 year old self" I think that blending of generations is amazing. I have so much to learn from those ahead of me and I think there is so much you can learn looking back as well.

Fantastic idea.

Reply June 4, 2010

That's an awesome idea!

Reply June 4, 2010

oh that this would be as simple and natural as breathing! i hate that we've moved so far from the village that women pouring into women is now a thing that needs setting up. which is in no way an indictment. i love this idea and wish i knew women to do this. it's just sad that we don't have a natural titus 2 relationship w/ younger and older women!!!
i'd ask, what obstacle to faith did you face and how did you overcome it?

Reply June 4, 2010

It really was such an extraordinary night. I've had one since, that was also amazing. An entirely different group of women and girls and the responses so different and so beautiful. This is the email I sent in advance:
"Thanks so much for being a part of our evening! Rachel and I are so looking forward to an intimate evening with this extraordinary group of young women and future leaders! I know you will be blessed by them!

We have prayerfully considered the questions we would like to discuss, and think we will include these:
1) Introductions & how and when you starting walking with Jesus
2) How do you seek intimacy and relationship with God? What spiritual practices have you found draw you to God?
3) How do you deal with 'desert' (times you don't hear from God, or times you have really suffered)?

Other topics that we think the girls may raise include: Body image, how do you hear from God, His plans for your life and usually BOYS."

I kept it program free and left plenty of room for the Spirit to guide.
Hope you will be as blessed by your evening as I was...
Thanks Amber for providing this lovely, inspiring space.

Amy Mitchell
Reply June 4, 2010

That is amazing; I hope you post about every tidbit and morsel!

Reply June 5, 2010

Misty, I agree. We sure don't live in villages anymore, do we? In fact, we've so secluded ourselves and created fake selves that even women in the church who do see us don't really see us sometimes. I'm really trying to move away from that.

It takes time. It takes vulnerability. It takes willingness to open your home.

I've already talked to a lady friend of mine about doing this, and right now I'm actually challenging myself to invite strangers into my home.

We need to really pursue other women, and that's just a hard one, isn't it?

Reply June 5, 2010

I really want to do this now! I am already thinking of how and when. I love the letter idea too. Hmmm... good stuff here. thank you.

mandy Eoff
Reply June 7, 2010

how cool! i learn so much from college women...great idea!

Reply June 8, 2010

LOVE this idea! We have a multi-generational women's bible study group and I've been looking for ways to engage everyone. LOVELY!! Thank you.

Reply June 9, 2010

what an amazing idea! i have a group of senior girls...a few within that group that would especially love this. I long to sit and hear wisdom from women who have been through this time of life and can see it all from the other side...but just don't have easy connections with older women who would be interested...i'm not even sure how to begin pursuing those wise women...but at least now its back on my radar...

Reply June 10, 2010

That is a great idea. I'm not currently working with the youth group, but I plan on going back. This would be so awesome for the girls. Thanks!
~Amber @ The Mom Road

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