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My peonies bloomed, and then I left town, and when I came back they had thrown off their petals and succumbed to the suckle.

So here is the picture of our flowers that I’ll remember through winter.

And before I forget some other things, let me share them here.

  • iPhone has a new Dayspring App. Check it out.
  • I’m going to NEW YORK CITY this week, the place where they make fake picante sauce.
  • I’m hosting a giveaway tomorrow that you MUST enter!
  • I forgot my Mama’s birthday and Mother’s Day gifts, and since she doesn’t get to read my blog, I thought I would show you what I got her to make up for my gift-giving FAIL. It has all 5 of her grandson’s names engraved on it, and I’m thinking about keeping it, but I won’t – because I really love my Mama.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

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Amy Mitchell
Reply June 13, 2010

My Peonies didn't make it. :( Boo.

The bracelet is SO beautiful! All will be forgiven when she sees it. ;)

Reply June 13, 2010

NEW YORK CITY!! Have so much fun, you two!!!

p.s. I'm planning on seeing you in July.

Reply June 13, 2010

wow, absolutely love it! i think she's gonna love it, too :) good job, amber!! and have a great trip to nyc!

Reply June 14, 2010

Oh, have fun in NYC...go to Serendipity if you can and get frozen hot chocolate! And I'm off the check out the new app! Love that bracelet!


Reply June 14, 2010

I love the bracelet!! I want one!

visiting the vintage pearl now.....

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