back when I had nothing

these songs remind me of Kari and Nicki, my sister roommates, we learning love, poor

no wrinkles, in-laws, babies

we hardly had preconceptions

only Jesus

and it was big love

back when we had nothing

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Reply June 27, 2010

I thought I was one of the only people still listening to them. This reminds me so strongly of my years in university, with friends, with my now-husband. It still speaks to my heart like nothing else recorded ever has. It was like a revelation when I discovered them in the sea of "Christian music".

Laura@Life Overseas
Reply June 27, 2010

I love this simple poem. You have a real gift with words. I love stopping by and leaving with a taste of beauty and a bit of encouragement. Thank you. Truly.

Reply June 27, 2010

I gave you a blog award in my most recent entry. I've been reading your blog for awhile, albeit not commenting... I absolutely love the things you write. They are always simply inspiring!

Elizabeth (@claritychaos)
Reply June 27, 2010

no wrinkles, in-laws, babies...

I almost forgot that time existed.

thanks for the reminder and
the music.


Reply June 27, 2010

Today in church we were singing about "how great" our God is. I think to myself, this doesn't feel great. He's not great to me right now. He's my sunday and free time God. I need to get back to the big love, back when I had nothing.
I'm just a tiny...TINY bit afraid to pray for that.
But I'm trying to. I fully expect him to be greater in my soon as I get a bit smaller.
Thanks for this poem, I totally loved the last line.

Reply June 28, 2010

oh, this song is heavy and overflowing with young memories for me, too. so heavy.

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