about Mama’s job – a thank you

My Mama had four kids in six years, two girls and two boys, and my daddy worked nights through most of our growing up years.

Today I think about her with the windows open, a box fan pulling in Alabama air, a bandanna holding back her black hair, a widow’s peak like Wonder Woman.  She’d let us eat something sweet with spoon almost every day. Sometimes it was cookie dough, sometimes a little peanut butter rolled in sugar.

We kept quiet when Daddy was asleep, and Mama entertained us – made us regal crowns and reading glasses with tin foil. And when he was awake, when he was mowing or planting or building, she would turn on the forbidden MTV, and we would relish in our age, all young enough and unabashed to dance like willows, like we were happy, like we were loved and home and free.

Thank You, Mama. It was your job to teach us love and home, to show us freedom, and I remember how beautiful you were while you did it.


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Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply June 28, 2010

i don't have time to write, to enter, but i'm cheering for you! this is lovely. it brought back another line from you, about your father's homecoming - "he hung on her like humidity..." i can't lose that line. i hope you win. it'd be so fun!

Reply June 28, 2010

I won't enter for a number of reasons (ummm, the obvious??), but I wouldn't want to anyway. I love this piece.

Even your prose is lyrical poetry.


Reply June 28, 2010

Thank you, two. Robin, they will also send you to see a "mom figure" in your life.

I'm actually not entering. Rather, I'm trying to spread the word so that my readers get the chance to go. They will choose a lot of winners, so I'd say the odds are pretty good. It just sounds like a sweet offer.

Ann Voskamp
Reply June 28, 2010

I am cheering you!
I read these words aloud to The Farmer and I cried.
You are beautiful now.

All's grace,

Reply June 29, 2010

I love this so ...

laura@life overseas
Reply July 1, 2010

what a beautiful, mom-honoring post. you inspired me to write my own about my mom. i have it posted, and linked back to you. i also entered that contest! thanks for the reminder of her importance. it was neat to honor her in this small way.

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