A Rock Home Companion: Final Installment, Part 2

A Glimpse of Home

What makes a party good? For one, you have to have a reason to celebrate. And if Jude is anything, he’s a reason to celebrate. He’s four, and he’s a passionate ball of fire, and he can sing in the upper choral registers with Star Wars  Sopranos, and he can flash a set of dimples at me causing some insane rush of mother hormone with which I believe I could knock over an army.

The inside of the Rock House is complete chaos, upside-down, and boxed – such an uncovering of dust bunnies and legos. I straightened up the carport, secretly celebrating my own so-far survival, and then several from our community joined us in a smoldering July birthday event, complete with slip-n-slide, bubbles, grilled aromas, and a whole lot of ketchup, mustard, and cupcake icing. I’m learning that community is sharing the mess, and more than that, it’s getting messy together.

Nothing about true home can be bubble-wrapped or taped up or labeled with a sharpy marker. The only real glimpse of Home we get is when we gather in the mess and share and work and play. These people, I will know them forever.

I can’t imagine ever getting rid of the Rock House, but I’m learning that the house is not the point, how community is God’s design, how something of His character shines out in the ones who bag up the leftover hotdogs, the ones who come and sit in sticky kid air. They express so much of the NOT YET in “Home,” and we hold it together until then with sweat and smiles and story.

It’s The Rock Home Companion no more and A Community Companion from here on. Come hail, high water, or changed blog-brand, I have to learn about community, because I can’t live New Covenant without it.

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Reply July 28, 2010

i know fighting change is like fighting the tides, but i do. fight. i cried today while using a new vacuum cleaner. really. i missed my old one. but major change looms on my horizon and i wonder how i can manage it. gracefully. in a healthy way. and here you are. graceful. healthy. learning from it. thanks.

Sarah H
Reply July 28, 2010

I love a Haines birthday party. I especially love those pictures of Jude at the top of the post. Ok, I love all the pictures. I'm so sad you're moving across town, but I promise to come visit you at NH's very own Melrose Place (that is what I have named them even though they lack the scandal and drama of the tv version).

Reply July 28, 2010


That last sentence is everything. Everything.

Reply July 29, 2010

I was just at a baby shower this evening, and I noticed that someone had cleaned up the kitchen...and I thought, God's character exemplified! Okay, no I didn't, but I felt it. It's your job to say what I'm feeling. Your words give my feelings concrete to stand on. You're my parking lot. No. Just kidding.
What I'm saying is, "YES!"
and "beautiful" and "true".
This post is awesome.

Reply July 29, 2010

I pray you and your writing and how you live in community finds a way to mine. The one of voices in my head , the one of real living.

Reply July 29, 2010

i think "living in the messy" will be my now-on definition of community, b/cs i've never heard a truer thing. i'm feeling the lack, lately, too. got plenty of messes but none to help live it out in skin... i understand triad so much more...
prayers for a smooth (as possible) move and transition and for hearts to be broken wide open in the most awesome kind of way.

Reply July 30, 2010

Thank you for inviting us to come along with you. It's the messy part of community that trips me up every time. A mark of my immaturity, I suppose, that I flee when community gets sticky. Eagerly looking forward to learning from you, sister.

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