a word on breaks

Amber is taking a brief break from her blog.  She’ll be back soon, but she’s enjoying the taste of fresh strawberries and the symphony of evening cicadas in Alabama.  Rest is good; He said so himself.  Are you resting?  Are you following the rhythms?

Take a break. It’s good for your soul.

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Reply August 11, 2010

Enjoy your break Amber! I am in AL too and its just too hot to do anything but eat berries and hang out at night! Can't wait for you to come back!

Reply August 11, 2010

A break is a real good thing. Following "unforced rhythms of grace." Yes. He said so. Enjoy!

Reply August 12, 2010

Rest is good. Breaks are good. Berries are very, very good.

Blessings on you, beautiful lady.

Jane Anne
Reply August 12, 2010

Great advice. And hey, if I remember right, I saw a tweet about Amber having a birthday recently. I hope your birthday was fantastic. I hope you felt loved. You are.

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