GOAL: to take the Golden Rule to the world one little boy at a time

We moved to an apartment, cutest ever – by the way, and we piled our boys in one little room. They don’t know any other way. Word of Kindergarten started coming around, things of supplies, things of “school clothes,” things of big brother going off all day long with no nap. Jude, the middlest, started inching closer to Ike. He wanted to hold his hand. He wanted to wear his clothes, wanted to sleep with his special bear and giraffe. Jude started saying only NO to us, and he rebelled at church one day so that he didn’t get to join his brothers on a movie date. It’s been a hard time. They don’t know how to be apart – the three boys born in three years.

Thursday morning, Isaac woke at 5:30 worried he would be late, and I half expected him to ask for coffee. We put gel in his hair. I forgot to cut his fingernails or brush his teeth, but mostly, he was ready – all expectations opened to the beautiful world as if all it had to offer were play grounds and charts for gold stars. To Isaac, the world has no bite.

But it’s shown it’s teeth to me a few times, so I followed him to his classroom with a camera. This innocence is rare and short, and it’s something to value, enjoy, and capture. I try to hold him loosely enough that he has room to grow and tightly enough that I can relish the sweet topping he’s been to my own maturing life.

I’m proud.

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Reply August 21, 2010


Reply August 21, 2010

My oldest started kinder this week, too, and I followed to the classroom, camera in hand. Big exciting things for such little people. He's just as handsome as can be! ♥

Reply August 21, 2010

You should be proud. You ought to be proud! Kindergarten is the coolest, biggest, amazingly awesome step...for the whole entire family! Soak it up, girlfriend! Soak it all up!

Kristen@Moms Sharpening Moms
Reply August 21, 2010

Oh, what a milestone! Congrats Amber (and Isaac!) for making it!

I LOVE this line..." I try to hold him loosely enough that he has room to grow and tightly enough that I can relish the sweet topping he’s been to my own maturing life." Perfect description of what my Mama heart feels after each milestone!

Thank you for this, Amber!

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply August 21, 2010

How stinkin' cute are you BOTH. And yes, it's joy and adventure and excitement for the one who leads, and confusion and sadness and a little loneliness for the ones who stay behind. (When my oldest, Natalie, started kindergarten, Connor who was 3 at the time followed me around for a week saying, "Where Nata-wee? Where?")

But eventually, the ones at home realize they get more of Mom and the days settle back into normalcy and life is so very good.

Reply August 21, 2010

What sweet boys :) Love that picture of you two! What a big transition!

emily freeman
Reply August 21, 2010

Welcome to Big School, my friend. We are entering 1st grade 'round these parts. Sweet, sour, and salty all at once.

Ann Voskamp
Reply August 21, 2010

I can hear your boys, like that day in your living room, see them holding hands tight, the pact and the foreverness of brothers. I love your trinity of grace.
So brave, all of you.
You and your Seth, you are doing so well.

All's grace,

Reply August 21, 2010

I laughed out loud because I can totally see Ike asking for coffee. Can't believe he's in kindergarten.

And I really want to hug Jude right now.

You're a good, good mama.

Elizabeth @claritychaos
Reply August 21, 2010

Oh girl, you should be. You should be. This is a special time. And I rarely do this, but we're on the same wavelength so I'll share with you here - http://bit.ly/aUgi83

And the line about the coffee -- you got it exactly right.

xo e.

ps (you've been missed. glad to see you back here again.)

Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply August 22, 2010

I am not here yet, but I am thinking you are brave. I can almost see tears in your smile there.

You guys are wonderful real.

Reply August 24, 2010

laughing out loud about the coffee line!

laura@life overseas
Reply August 25, 2010

oh, what a big moment of letting go, of releasing, of trusting that the God that birthed your boy in the first place, still has his back.

i know it is a bitter-sweet for a mother's heart. thanks for sharing it.

Reply August 25, 2010

aw, congratulations to isaac... he's embarking on a grand adventure! what a sweet love your three share. hope you are well~

Reply August 25, 2010

You are the best mama!! I got tears running down my face as I type. Love you and your family so much!!! xoxo

Emily sims
Reply August 25, 2010

I feel that same tug at my heart! Our boys are growing up so fast that I find myself wanting to stop time long enough to relish and squeeze tight their innocence. I Pray for their hearts to stay strong through life! Good words and cute boys!!

Reply August 29, 2010

This so yanks at my heart! Such sweet pictures...

Reply August 29, 2010

I hear this, in the beat,
of this mama heart.

My youngest (won't say last) went to kindergarten.

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Reply September 6, 2010

Wow! So glad to know I'm not the ONLY person that had three boys in three years. My boys just turned 3,2 &1, and people think I'm crazy, but it sure makes life more interesting, and worth living.

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