the slow process of becoming slow to speak – Isn’t there a time for everything?

I have seven minutes to write a post, but let me come here to process with you a bit the mess in my brain.

I woke up one morning, and I was a soccer mom. I was to rush my kids around town to get to the elementary school, to get to the store, to get to the gym. I was to clean my house at some point. I woke up, and I said – something feels off.

Community here at the apartments is beautiful. I’m excited to show you at some point. It’s consuming. It’s vulnerable. It’s on a dime’s notice. I wouldn’t trade a thing about it, not even all the dirty smudges on the carpet from the neighbor boys and our boys running in here before sticking their hands in our fish bowl.

Life has taken over, and usually when things settle, words flood in and wreck all the things I thought I thought. Right now the tide is sucking back, and its little wet fingers spread wide, trying to hold on to the shore.

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Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply September 3, 2010

oh, we get a glimpse into you... thank you! i've missed you!

Cassie Boorn
Reply September 3, 2010

I have missed you too!!

Reply September 3, 2010

while you're slowing ... maybe these words by someone else will comfort. and did you know that 'comfort' in Latin mean 'to give courage'?

"He laid his hands on me and blessed my eyes to see God's image deep in every man." - Frederick Buechner

perhaps in this season, Amber, God is laying His awesome hands on you in blessing ... for you to see ... really see.

look deep, sister, with those luminous eyes you've been given. the tongue can rest for awhile. oh but your heart ... may it be given courage.

Jane Anne
Reply September 3, 2010

We miss you but, I have a feeling you are blessing those around you. Enjoy the fullness of your place. Your words will come. In the meantime, just keep swimming. (Oh my, you said fishbowl, I thought Nemo. I may need more coffee!)

Reply September 3, 2010

and I have missed you, but I love the example you are showing us...even the example of letting go of blogging, because sometimes it feels like if we stop our blog will disappear...but it is GOOD to stop blogging and start living and start looking at mud and build community.
I just love it!

Reply September 3, 2010

Oh I have so missed your posts. Just let your lungs fill up with big, restful breaths and just BE. :) Excited to see you writing!

Reply September 3, 2010

we do dime's notice here on our street. it feels like it stops and starts my doing, my hoping, my want. but really. it is life.

so thrilled to hear even the whisper of your voice

Ann Kroeker
Reply September 3, 2010

I'm all for slowing down, my dear, whether it's words or one's schedule. Thank you for a peek into your world!

Reply September 5, 2010

We'll be here when the words return. *squeeze*

Reply September 6, 2010

Sometimes it feels as if "life" is getting in the way, and in truth it's just meant for us to embrace. Take time to recharge! The blogosphere won't go anywhere! :)

Reply September 11, 2010

Amber, this is great and there is a season for everything. Enjoy where the tide takes you!!

Ann Voskamp
Reply September 16, 2010

In seven minutes, you write perfection. Messy, smudged, real perfection.

Love, love, love, Amber,
Your August twin...

Elizabeth @claritychaos
Reply September 16, 2010


Reply September 21, 2010

I just found your blog through (in)courage. Thanks. I too am feeling like the rushing is making me off. Contemplating how to simplify. I will enjoy following your blog in the future.

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