In the World You May Have Trouble

I’ve had plenty to do and nothing to say – though my heart seems brimming or bursting.

And not three minutes after recording this first video, Seth walked in, sat down, and said listen.

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Reply September 28, 2010

thanks for making me cry.
I mean that in good way of course.

Reply September 28, 2010

How do you fit it all in? I don't know if it's possible. But then again, somehow you fit Seth and Amber and a ukulele and Rich and Jesus and love and wonder and worship and grace and sweetness and melody and harmony and trust and boldness and humility and mystery and beauty in under a minute and a half.

Maybe that's how you do it.

Reply September 28, 2010

You are both so precious & I LOVE the hair. I needed that song. Oh, and just to play the devil's advocate, i have to add one 'question' to the second poster in your video, something I've been contemplating & pondering MUCH lately- community. :)

    Reply September 28, 2010

    Dear mandie, YES! Me too. Community is certainly one to add.

Reply September 28, 2010

Amber, you are seriously cute. And I love your hair. :)

Reply September 28, 2010

(me too.)

Reply September 28, 2010

Talk about God-ordained timing. I just had Master 4 tell me that he has no friends and even if he did have friends they wouldn't be able to understand him. Heart wrenching.

In the world we may have trouble.

But He is still there.

Anyone want to befriend my loveable four year old?

Your hair is mega cute by the way.

Reply September 28, 2010

I had almost forgotten about that song, but upon remembering it, I'm going to be singing it all day. Fitting it all in seems to be the bane of my existence - but it is encouraging to know I am not alone.

Reply September 28, 2010

My son just showed me what he made. A hippopotamus. Oh, it's a horse. We're not sure.

Trouble yes, but we're both blessed with exciting drawings. You, you have the better hair between us though.

I just love you. I know because of your smile...your heart seeps through your lips.

Becky Walker
Reply September 28, 2010

You two are so precious!!:)

Southern Gal
Reply September 28, 2010

This made me cry. And this is the second blog that had Rich Mullins music on it. I'm going to have to dig out the CD's and have a listen again.

Reply September 28, 2010

shaken but not stirred, my friends...shaken but not stirred...

mediocre soundtrack on that first one...but that second fella? my, my...

Reply September 28, 2010

I freaking miss you! And I was sad not to hear your voice because it makes me feel happy when I do. But your hair is looking awesome. And I also liked your little pokey head in Seth's music video. Seth, remember when you had a cd? :) I miss you, too, sethy-poo.

please take your home-schooling on the road. i'd be an excellent guest teacher, you know, and i already have good rapport with your students.

Adventures In Babywearing
Reply September 28, 2010

Oh garsh! How I miss you, too. Thank you for sharing these close-to-real life glimpses of beautiful you.


Reply September 28, 2010

You don't know me, but I read you and I think you guys rock. :)

I recently got good advice about how to fit it all in. Not magic, and I still struggle, a lot, but when I remember it helps tremendously. A wise woman told me that God gives us the right amount of time in the day to get done what He would have us do. So, if I feel like I don't have enough time, maybe I'm taking on things He doesn't want me to do today - could be good or bad things, just not today. Or maybe I'm being hard on myself over something He wants me to let go.

So, when I remember to take my day to Him in the morning, while in the shower or making beds - going over my to-do list in prayer, thinking over the logistics with Him, He has time and again given me focus and helped me readjust where needed. I love that He understands I have 3 little ones and a house and a husband and a Lord I long for. He knows. There is a way to be pleasing to Him, to find joy, to be at peace in this season of life. He will help us find it. Daily, moment by moment. Someday we'll be able to advise women in our shoes, and we'll see how He brought us through.

You love homeschooling huh? Wonder if I would... (My oldest is in week 3 of kindergarten. I miss him.)

Reply September 28, 2010

1. you look AMAZING with short hair (as if you didn't before). like, for reals. no, don't read #2 yet. know that it's true: you look AMAZING.
2. no matter how much you homeschool, you will never be a square.
3. you and seth haven't forgotten how to be childlike! that is the hugest, most amazing blessing that ever was. that is why we are alive. our Father is everlasting--we never grow out of sitting on his lap and calling Him Daddy. i'm learning about childlike faith, and how children have all this time on their hands to imagine and believe, and how the Stuff has got to be fit in around that. but i don't know how to fit it all in; always still learning of course.
4. i miss you.
5. give the boys the biggest hug ever from me.
that's all.

Jane Anne
Reply September 29, 2010

Thank you for that. It brought me a smile. It was good to smile tonight!

Reply September 29, 2010

Miss you too.

Reply September 29, 2010

look at you, soul-beautiful girl...
you don't fit it in
all the time
and that's
and thanks, Lord,

and just look at the beauty in that moment...simple praise

may you see Him in all today,

Reply September 29, 2010

O my heart

Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply September 29, 2010

you guys are so fun! miss you too!

emily freeman
Reply September 29, 2010

i smiled with you in the first video and cried all the way through the second. knowing you exist in the world makes my world better. just wish you were closer.

Reply September 29, 2010

Love how you expressed this...

Cool hair:)

Reply September 29, 2010

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love your hair!

Reply September 29, 2010

You're pretty hip... for a homeschooler. :-)

Love you and miss you. Love that your face is talking to us, even if your mouth isn't moving. :-)

Reply September 29, 2010

love the hair...

And what Rich said (via Seth and the Ukelele)- which I guess, is what He said...(man, the coffee has not hit this morning!)...

Hugs and love...and with you in the questions. :)

Real Life Sarah
Reply September 29, 2010


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Reply September 29, 2010

Oh, how I miss you guys. Type-A wasn't the same without your face beside me.

I adore the new hair. And you both. So much.

darcy @ m3b
Reply September 29, 2010

I have to thank Mandie for sending me here.

My soul needed your words today.

much love,


ps- the hair is hawt. love it.

To Think Is To Create
Reply September 29, 2010

Oh my. That hair? Epic.

You have my heart. I think I feel better about my day now...

melissa @ the inspired room
Reply September 29, 2010

Aw, look at how adorable you are with your new do. And that song, it just made me happy!! I get asked that question too, HOW!!! (I ask it of myself sometimes, ha!) and you know, I always seem to have time for what God wants of me. Nothing more. Sometimes he asks WAY MORE of me than I think I can handle but, somehow, the more he asks, the more it becomes clear what was important.

:-) Keep on singing!!

Reply September 29, 2010

It's the strangest thing - I was watching your first video, enjoying Mumford & Sons in the background, nodding and empathizing. I loaded the second video, and before I even knew what was happening, I was crying. I needed that reminder. Those two videos are more linked than you'll ever know. Thank you.

Reply September 29, 2010

You are adorable. Absolutely, positively.

Reply September 29, 2010

I (we) love you guys! I don't know which of the videos made me miss you all more. You should come hang out with us in KC sometime!
We have a new baby!!!!!! =) Will that get you here!? =)

    Reply September 30, 2010

    Carrie, I come with three of the loudest humans on the face of the planet, and their parents are only slightly less loud.

    BUT we would love to come! I'm brewing up some ideas.

Micah Smith
Reply September 30, 2010

Seth is my American Idol! I'm seriously jealous of his ability to rock the Euk! I'd look up to him...but I'm taller.

Jolyn@Budgets are the New Black
Reply September 30, 2010

You made me smile.

It's a beautiful day.

Love your hair. :)

Reply September 30, 2010

You guys are too cute :)
(my little girl is sitting here with me and saying "that music again, peeese!!")

Reply September 30, 2010

In all honesty, I was thinking about taking that show on the road. You know, the euk, the goofy face, the nose that evidently casts a shadow across half of my face.

Sweet Mother, why didn't someone tell me about that?

And for those who have stuck with this conversation, here is a little present. Sometimes a good man is worth remembering.

Rachel Boldman @ "Not Just A..."
Reply October 1, 2010

I love that you love Mumford & Sons...I feel like we're kindred spirits, and I'm sad we never got to meet up while I was still in SW Missouri and teaching in Bentonville!

I love the signs in the first video. I may do something similar for a video blog of my own.

Sara @ It's Good to be Queen
Reply October 2, 2010

rich always says it the best. every time.

Ann Voskamp
Reply October 5, 2010

How can your heart hurt to see two folks and be so grateful it might split ---- all at the same time?

You Haines make the world a more Jesus-filled place....

V. Higgins
Reply October 8, 2010

I could never rock that hair but you do!
The first video made me cry, feeling very overwhelmed today, thank you for always putting yourself out there.
You two are so *freaking* adorable!

Reply October 11, 2010

And could I add "new puppy?" to the list?
May your bursting heart find refuge in Him...

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