How a Life Can Support a Life: Part 2

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*UPDATE* I’m re-running this post in case you haven’t seen it and so you can check out an example of one of the gorgeous necklaces we’ll be giving away. Read below to find out more about your chance to win, and I’ll link to the winner this Saturday! My own story of redemption began in Alabama woods, the sun spreading through the pines, doves disappearing in pasture grasses. My Daddy sat next to me on an old stump and pointed to the sky or a rock, and he would say, “See how great God is?” and I would say “yes,” and we practiced noticing.

But as I got older I stopped all that, my child eyes dimming. A baby grew in me, and then I stopped it, and then all went dark. But in that darkness, I chased the tiniest bit of light, and the light transformed me. Without that child and without those who really loved me afterward, I would not have been given my own child-eyes back.

My redemption story starts with the child.

I’ve had the opportunity to share this story with women who will still decide to abort, and even then, my story is still being written, and love continues to be the best option. I know that even when a woman finds herself in the darkest of places, the One who is Love still pursues her because He’s the One who loves First anyway, no matter the death that surrounds.

We’ve been given the opportunity, I believe, to join God in something great – to love first. When Kristen of We Are THAT Family first shared with us her vision for The Mercy House in Kenya, to provide a maternity house for the victimized in Nairobi, I knew at once that God’s hand had already written this out for us, a continuation of our own redemption story. I knew that this was an opportunity to live out a Pro-Life Life – “To act justly and love mercy, to walk humbly with God.” Here’s the issue :

  • Annually, 26,000 women die from having an illegal, unsafe abortion in Kenya. (Center for Reproductive Rights) *Updated: in September 2010, abortion was legalized in Kenya.
  • Abortion is a volatile topic in Kenya.
  • 13,000 Kenyan girls are kicked out of school for being pregnant. (Center for Reproductive Rights)
  • 25% of pregnant women in Kenya are HIV positive (ObGyn in Kenya)
  • Every 30 minutes, a woman is raped in Kenya. (Nairobi Women’s Hospital)
  • Mothers often force their daughters into trading sex for food in the slums (CNN)
  • More than 20,000 children are sex trafficked in Kenya (Human Trafficking)
  • 1500 women die in childbirth every day across Africa (WHO)

I’ve prayed and felt swallowed up by the hugeness of such an issue. I’ve prayed and begun to watch God go before with detail after detail – how He cares for those women, how He has a plan for restoration and redemption. If it is your desire to live out a pro-life life, then may I ask you to consider this. Consider actively praying for Mercy House, for the women who will be loved there, for healing, for healthy bodies, minds, and souls. Pray for the Kenyan women who will be coming along side them to offer the option of life – not just for the child but also for the mother.

Pray that all our eyes will be opened. Consider giving. Considering sponsoring with monthly support. Whatever you do and for whomever you do it, consider putting your prayers and your money where your mouth and your bumper stickers are.

And speaking of bumper stickers, would you consider adding The Mercy House Button to your blog or facebook page? Would you help us spread the word through twitter or email? If you’re interested in supporting Mercy House in any way, if you tweet, or add a button to your blog, please leave a comment, and you’ll be entered to win a special necklace from the Mercy House Etsy Shop, a shop who gives 100% of funds to support the maternity house, where the Redemption stories start there, too, with a child.

Ah, because don’t we all share the same Father?Is His story not their story? Is their story not also ours?

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Reply October 7, 2010

I will pray and I will add the button. How exciting and heart wrenching.

Reply October 7, 2010

praying. adding a button. crying.

Sara @ It's Good to be Queen
Reply October 7, 2010

love this. i added the button. :)

Liz Bruns
Reply October 8, 2010

Excited about the Mercy House. Will be praying & will add the button.

Reply October 8, 2010


I can't add the button 'cause I don't have a blog yet.

I want to thank you. Because you stood before me (through your words and heart) staring me in the face, eyes furrowed, pointy finger pointing away (little bossy girl pointy finger - not evil witch pointy finger - just to be clear), and said "get off your little tushy and do something".

I don't have much to give but just mailed a donation (there wasn't much stuff for guys at the shop - or at least this guy). And without you I wouldn't have done it. Thank you. My tushy feels much better now.

And one more thing, and this is kind of a lengthy read - and I wasn't planning on doing this - I wrote it as a comment to Ann Voskamp - but I want to share it with you, because to you it also applies. Reading time 3 minutes or less :) I promise.

There was a time, ages ago, like last week, when all I could write was written in blah blah. Faith does blah. The Bible says blah. The Greek word for faith is blah and this means blah. Blah blah theology. Blah blah preaching. Blah blah pointing fingers. Blah blah I’m so smart. Then I started reading words written by Joanne (mylestones), and Ann Voskamp, and Amber Haines, and Sarah Markley, and a precious few others.

In prepping for my blog to be, I had been reading through gobs of blogs. The ones I started with were the male written blogs - being a man and all. They touched my brain - but not much more. Then I stumbled over and read one of you women, not sure which one anymore, and it started a petite avalanche in my heart. And it's not to the bottom of the mountain yet.

You all have your children. I’ve never had a one. In a few weeks I give birth to my blog – it doesn’t even have a name yet – it might even be twins. And I have been burying myself in your words that slice through the intellect and find a home in the heart.

I read.
I tear up.
My heart grows like the Grinch.

I don’t know what y’all know.
Degrees only fill the head, not the soul.
I can’t say what you say with such elegance.
I thought I could write but you all are giving me a crash course on heart writing instead of head writing. I feel – really, really, feel – rescued, and so absolutely blessed that God led me to you all.

I read,
and absorb,
and transform with every post.

I’m gladly off of the throne, and sitting obediently at feet, and just in awe,

And I’m not a poet, I’m a prose guy. I write paragraphs indented, or in straightforward and even blocks. If I write poetry it’s “one fish two fish red fish blue fish”. But you guys, you women “guys”, are teaching me a new language. I’m being morphed into a tiny poet fledgling that’s being ooopsed out of the nest.

And sometimes I freeze as I read.

And doubt springs up everywhere, like a water balloon prancing on pins.

“I can’t do that!”, my head screams. And that’s the way it needs doing!

But faith is sister to hope.
And hope whispers to me that God is still refining
always refining the gold.

You all make me “selah”
and teach me to line up my words like bunny prints in the snow
instead of squares of concrete on the sidewalk.

I may never,
be able
to thank you

Amber Haines, bride of Seth, and doting mommy to your boys, and pure inspiration to me. Thank you.

    Reply October 9, 2010

    Dear Craig, I'm just floored. I'm in Alabama right now with such little access to the internet, but Seth told me that very few people had commented, and I so want to promote Mercy House that I laid in bed in the middle of the night thinking about number of comments - like a big dummy. I get so mad at myself for wanting numbers sometimes.

    And here you are encouraging me, saying that my story does have an impact, that my big-sister finger isn't making you hate me? Ha! Sometimes I ache to keep my story to myself. Sometimes my in-laws ache for me to keep it to myself, too. Funny.

    What's even funnier is that more than anything, I'm preaching to myself when I write. I'm guiltiest of sitting on my tush. Words in black and white bring us to account.

    I'm so thankful for this encouragement, Craig. I'm thankful that I get to be your sister. I'm thankful that we get to join God in His work. I'm thankful to witness His genius, His mercy, and His love in preparing so many for Mercy House and their ministry. I think the same things about Ann and Sarah and Joann and others, and all I know is that I can't believe anybody clicks my links at all.

    Thank you, Craig.

Reply October 8, 2010

wow amber that last guy? Best comment EVER!
And, it's all true.

V. Higgins
Reply October 8, 2010

<3 <3 <3

Michele M. Hinkle
Reply October 9, 2010


Reply October 9, 2010




Thank you back.

God hearts circles of thank yous I think.

Reply October 9, 2010

Button-added. Monthly donation subscription-done.
You're awesome.
Love and admire you,

Kim Robinson
Reply October 9, 2010

I am adding a button NOW, I am also going to pray and spread the word!!


Reply October 10, 2010

Thanks for letting us all know about this. I will reference this in a future post on my blog.

Laura@life overseas
Reply October 11, 2010

Hi there, Wow, what an exciting, important, hugely-big idea/vision/ministry/love to throw yourself into. How purely radically hopeful. And how significant that this speaks into your own story in such a redemptive way. I love love love it.

Thanks for sharing. I will also try to spread the word in future posts. Thanks for playing your puzzle piece . . . can't wait to see where it leads.

Praying for you tonight,

We are THAT family
Reply October 13, 2010

I have to remind myself it's not about the numbers, too. This is a marathon, not a sprint and God is up to something good. Your post, love, support and LIFE encourage me, so there's that. Plus, this Craig dude? Holy Moly. I just want to print out y'all little blog-comment-conversation and dwell on that awhile.
Love you.

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