in Septober they teach us

A few weeks ago Ian walked in and declared it to be SEPTOBER! And so it is. Yesterday he said he loves strawberries because they taste like fruit-snack guts. Don’t children educate us well?They teach us that sometimes Dudes just have to suck it up and attend a tea party – because HEY, it’s better for Captain America to eat a few cupcakes and see his girlfriends be happy, than for him to not enjoy a little community. We need it at every age.

In fact, Captain America might just decide that all he wants for his birthday is Princesses. Oh! They teach us to pray.

Today is Captain America’s 3rd birthday. I cannot believe that 3 years ago today, Ian became a part of our family. He really is one of the greatest rewards I’ll ever receive.  He’s a master chef, a jedi, and a symphony impersonator. He’s an arrow, and more than anyone, he has taught me to receive unearned blessing. Little arms holding tight around my neck, he offers kisses all day long.

I keep learning. They teach us that sometimes we invest in things (cleats, shin guards, jerseys), and then we find out it wasn’t right for us. We’re aren’t called to be good at everything. Sometimes you find yourself on the sidelines with your daddy, and you learn there’s nothing you’d rather be doing than that.

They teach us to stop, to bend down in the grass, to be humble.

They teach us that nature is totally worth the lake goo on four sets of clothes. They teach us that we’re not too old to squat and turn things around and around in the hand. They teach us to not be afraid of a bite.

30 fingernails grow and grow, collecting dirt. I count them all as Icut them.

I learn, too, to count my days, to want a heart of wisdom, to receive like a child. These little ones, they are not a curse over my list of wants for my life or a living breathing to-do list that I can check off.

I clean off the sticky table again, again put down little plates with small portions. Nibble by nibble they eat whatever I give them. They become men by the minute.

Strong men – so we fashion them for the bow. One day soon I’ll put them to the string. I’ll pull them hard back to my chest. I’ve long been taking aim.

And then I’ll let them go.

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Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply October 11, 2010

I have been thinking of this so often over the last few weeks. Mine are still so little, but I am buying larger clothes, and they look into my eyes and I see them growing and knowing more than I ever thought they would when they came into my arms with the wisdom of the eternal in their eyes.

"And then I'll let them go." I hope I can, holding them close without pushing them away.

Reply October 11, 2010

1. “Captain America might just decide that all he wants for his birthday is Princesses.” (sigh)
2. “we invest in things (cleats, shin guards, jerseys), and then we find out it wasn’t right for us. We’re aren’t called to be good at everything.” – so we keep trying new feet until we find a fit for the glass slippers :)
3. “living breathing to-do list” – ugh – to do list monster – I stand in awe, and wonder too, “How does Amber fit it all in?”
4. And then I’ll let them go. (ooooof – DO NOT GO THERE YET!!!!!)

Thank you for daily teaching me how to pen with passion. You are inspiration with lip gloss, and among a precious few others, you are transforming my writing.

P.S. but remember arrows come back, they will always know who mom is, your pedestal will be sky high – and you get to keep your biggest boy, who’s quiver is full.

Reply October 11, 2010

So beautiful.
Tears... I always have tears in my eyes when I visit here :)
That picture of your son and his daddy on the side lines, melts the heart! Happy third birthday !!

Reply October 11, 2010

Happy sighs.

Sara @ It's Good to be Queen
Reply October 11, 2010

i hear you. it is such a good work to watch these arrows being formed in front of me. these boys that will be mighty men. i love being along for the ride.

Reply October 11, 2010

Now if we could just our littlest buddy to figure this out:

Reply October 11, 2010

And now I'm crying, because mine is three too, just turned three in September. He is batman-buzz lightyear, not captain america and all you say is true.

stacey neal
Reply October 11, 2010

that was so sweet. it really touched my heart and had me tearing up at the end. excuse me, i need to go squeeze my babies.....

Reply October 11, 2010

Oh my gosh. Poopsmith? POOPSMITH SONG?
Once I saw a onesie online that said Poopsmith. It was twenty dollars, but if it was less I would have been all over it.
There was a picture of a cartoon character with a shovel....and it said POOPSMITH!
Yous all are my kinds of people.

Reply October 11, 2010

Happy birthday, sweet Ian!!!!!

Good going, mama. You're one of the best.

Reply October 11, 2010

I think this is top of the list of my favorite amber posts. I love that you count the fingernails. and my favorite picture is the little hand on daddy's back at the lake. thanks from a mom-of-boys. a mom-of-boys who needs to go put down big plates with big portions of food for they are teenagers.

Liz Bruns
Reply October 11, 2010

Oh Amber, you always make me cry! I absolutely love how you capture a mom's heart here.

Reply October 11, 2010

And no matter how long or short the time seems to go by, it will never be long enough!

Reply October 12, 2010

This is so true and wonderful. Happy birthday sweet Ian.

Reply October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian!
I think the poopsmith song makes me a little nervous. I shared it with Troy and he agrees. We were thinking about trying that adventure this winter with Sylas, but now I'm just feeling nervous. Hmmm.

Lindie Wadhams
Reply October 12, 2010

Hey Amber,
Stumbled across you and your family on the Web. You have 5 boys, I have 5 girls. I've always professed that having girls are 'better' than having boys - but 'oh boy' , do you make having boys sound like the ultimate adventure. I lost 3 babies between my 5 girls and my husband and I often say that they may have been our boys.
Raise them for the King sister and they will be the boys I'd want my girls to notice!
Journeying with Jesus,
Lindie Wadhams

To Think Is To Create
Reply October 12, 2010

I think my heart just really needed Amber words today. Thank you for so many. xo

cate tuten
Reply October 12, 2010

Thank you so much, Amber. I too love your writing and enjoy the wise heart behind it....My 3 boys are 33 ,31, and 23...Time went too fast...I still have to remember to let them go sometimes, but the Lord has made this easier because they belong to such wonderful wives. Start praying now for the girls who will capture their hearts one day. I started when mine were just babies, and oh how the Lord outdid Himself.....And now I'm blessed with two little grandsons to get to kiss and snuggle with....And I'm praying for more.....Blessings, Cate

Reply October 12, 2010

Amber -- it does my heart good to read these words of yours, knowing I'm not alone in raising boys. They capture my heart and baffle me every single day~
It is hard AND good to raise these guys... oh, and scary, among other things! I've been struggling with thoughts of letting them go one day, trying to enjoy every moment, and being just plain exhausted...
Love your posts!

Reply October 12, 2010

My sons are 38 and 34 and as I relive their preschool years through your writing, I weep. A generation has past, but the events that shape our lives are timelessly similar. I have three grandsons that are all preschoolers so I am getting to experience these moments again. Only this time, I am the grandmother. What a wonderful position. I was not as wise as you when I was a young mother so having this "second chance" is a real blessing. Oh, but I must pay careful attention and not miss a moment. "They are becoming men by the minute."

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