the way we roll

We celebrated the fade from green to brown with an impromptu trip to Alabama for my sister’s birthday. We surprised her at her birthday supper after a ten hour drive. The whole while, trees erupted in color.

My little brother drove down from Nashville, too, so we were all there, just our little immediate family. I’m the oldest of four, and when we’re all together, we explode in ridiculous silliness. I could feel my parents beaming. (Isn’t my daddy cute?)Daddy always says that nothing makes him happier than to see us love each other. We really do love each other, too. I know another reason he’s proud, though. Look at how beautiful my siblings are! Erin is almost 6 feet tall, and Will and Scott are both 6’5″ +. See me in the above picture? I look like a shrimp next to them all! I love being home because the boys really enjoy their Memaw and BawBaw for the same reasons I do. I remember Mama reading to me when I was little or she would hold me while she sang. I’m a 31 year old woman, and when my Mama hugs me even to this day, I can smell her Mama smell, and it makes me want to go to sleep. I love it. She read books to my boys, and I knew she was giving them the grandma wammy. If you ever find yourself in the country with not much to do, then go get yourself a BawBaw.The boys love their cousins, and Daddy will sling them all around in a wheelbarrow.

Y’all. It looked so fun that Erin and I had to try it, too. Poor Daddy.

(Quick side note: I had no idea that “wheelbarrow” wasn’t “wheelbarrel.” This isn’t surprising to you, is it?)Ooo, and also, BawBaws are good at making hayrides – a little too good, if you ask me. At one point Isaac was air-born because daddy drove straight down into a gully or a holler or whatever that nook in the mountain was. Grrrrrrr, Daddy, I gave you a stink eye for that, but

Boy did we have fun.

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Reply October 18, 2010

AWESOME! on so many levels.

Reply October 18, 2010

I loved every word and every picture. Your family makes me smile! Love you all....

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply October 18, 2010

I'm the oldest of four too, Amber. And now I'm a Mama to four.

I pray deeply that my growing family will wear the same mantle as yours -- to love richly, to laugh often, to dwell in grace. Siblings are a gift, a built-in friend in a hard world.

Reply October 18, 2010


I'm just smiling - just happy smiling. Your words make for happy.

And really, it's wheelbarrow huh? Wow. I always wondered why it was called a "barrel" when there was no barrel.

Pure Genius.

Oh, and go to - to their videos, there's a really nice one on the word "stinkeye" - it's Merriam Webster so there will be no bursts of uncontrollable laughter - but it's funny - and appropriate for your post :)

And it took me a few hours - but I finally got:

Stop rhyming and I mean it!
Anybody want a peanut?


And I really didn't mean to rhyme in my comment the other day, or even write a poem, it just ended up that way, so I went with it. Sorry, I will immediately cease all rhyming.

You continue to inspire.

God Bless

    Reply October 18, 2010

    Craig, you're funny. No worries. You can feel free to spontaneously rhyme here. It happens. I'm just being silly.

Reply October 18, 2010

and Amber - two more things:

How We Roll - took me a while - but I get that too now. Funny!!!!! And clever as a fox.


You do know that you can delete your comments on twitter right?
Because I never ever ever want you to quit :)

Reply October 18, 2010

So cute, with your Baw Baws and Memaws. When you say Memaw though, I immediately think of Sheldon from the big bang theory. He has a Memaw on that show. Don't anyone talk about his Memaw, she is sacred.

The hayride sounds like something my dad would do. I'm forever yelling "SLOW DOWN!!" when he takes my boys for a ride on the mule, which is not an animal in this case, but a glorified, souped up, golf cart for a farm.

Your pictures are sweet. All around fall sweetness.

Reply October 18, 2010

Amber, it seems you picked up a pretty severe case of the Happies down in (over in?) Alabama. Never to be cured. Here's hoping.
p.s. Love you to pieces.

Reply October 18, 2010

Oh how I wish I could romp around in brown and auburn leaves, with my little man (and the big one, too!) jumping in piles of them and laughing and having a good ole time. I can't really romp at 33 weeks pregnant but I can dream, right? Those pictures really are so wonderful. I love having those times with the family; my parents and brother live 3,000 miles away, so those experience are so sweet. We're in the process of trying to move to Portland, OR from Florida, and I cannot wait to have seasons again! My soul smiles the ear-to-ear grin when I feel fall breezes, and when I can wear scarves and watch snow fall. Thank you for this post; it made me feel a little like fall today :)

Scott Carothers
Reply October 19, 2010

Get yourself a Bawbaw?! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Kelly Langner Sauer
Reply October 23, 2010

man alive, these photos are incredible - thank you for sharing you here! Love. it.

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