Don’t Run Away and Change Your Name

I cannot believe it’s November. It’s almost 2011! Believe me about it, too – I’m already looking forward to some resolutions, especially after eating around 500 whoppers yesterday.

We’re on week 7 of homeschool, and while I wouldn’t trade it for any other option I have, when I took on homeschool, I took on a daily litmus test for discipline in my own life.

When I go to bed with a dirty kitchen, it throws off my entire day. I wake up behind. When I feed the kids and forget myself, I snap like a mean twig, and I’m useless. When I stress eat and don’t exercise, I feel like a big dough ball, and I cry a lot, and I’m bound to make a mountain of clothes on the bed to pick something out just to wear to Walmart.

Lack of discipline to go to bed early makes it hard for me to wake early, which is when I do all my reading and writing. So then I try to squeeze it in during the day, and the dishes pile higher, and the clothes pile higher, and my kids have to yell louder to get my attention.

If you give a mouse a cookie a Mama a blog and kids and a house, she’ll have to have a Safe Place in God to be restored, or she will run away and change her name or wish she could. This is no slight thing. Discipline in the LORD either bleeds into all areas of life, or the lack of discipline saps the life right out of you, once you’ve tasted it’s goodness.

Of course, discipline itself isn’t Life. Life is communing with GOD.

Seth is following hard right now, even as I might cock an eyebrow and internally growl at him for it. He’s decided to memorize entire books of the Bible.

I know.  I know. I huffed and said, “Well, good for you, Buddy.” But then he showed me what he had printed out. It’s the way our friend, Ann Kroeker, does it. Click Here To See For Yourself.

So day one, I gave it a try, and now only three days later, I know 4 verses, and they’re sticking. I’ve tried memorization so many times, and this seems to be the way that finally works or me. There is nothing like Fullness of Word. We’re starting with only a chapter: Hosea 6. It’s as if those four verses apply to every single thing I do.

Now as of yet, my house and my body aren’t reflecting much good, but my desires are turning that way. This is a slower process than we want it to be, this coming to faith over and over again, never losing it (though we might lose sight), only being pruned, resituated, and lifted up.

—- Tomorrow, can we have a conversation on commenting – like, in the comments? I like y’all a lot.

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