Are we there yet?

When I was small, my daddy came home from the foundry with black etching every crinkle of his hands. He wore steel-toe shoes everywhere but to church. At one point, my Mama came home with fabric dye in the same places. Her fingers would ache from working with cloth.

I suppose the work of my hands is different. It brings in no money, but it does make me ache sometimes. I suppose that’s why I need to hear encouragement when I write here. Too often I think this place is useless. Is a blog an ego-steroid? Sometimes, but not always.

Why is it that we’re always looking at our lives and thinking we’re not there yet? Where ever that is.

When we get out of debt …

When our kids get older …

When I get to write that book …

When my numbers are higher, when I lose weight, when  …

What am I waiting for?

Isn’t the purpose all along, every dot and tiddle, to commune with God? There’s no act of service greater than that. All works are only to draw us into Him.

Things don’t have to be so complicated and not everything needs an explanation.

Enjoy where you are, Soul.

Enjoy your God.

Live in gratitude for who He made you to be, right here, exactly where you are, while you’re still there.

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Reply November 3, 2010

Um. Yes. Comments. I'm a flake.

I think, for me, not having comments was working up more selfishness in me than having them, and I'm kicking myself that some of the emails I got weren't available to everyone's hearts.

So there you go, comment or no.

Reply November 3, 2010

I'm so glad. There's always great conversation here in the comments of your posts. You stir the good words in people. :)

Reply November 3, 2010

I just want you to know that although I have never met you and don't know you, except through your blog, that I love you! Your words inspire me and feed my artistic soul. *big bear hugs*

Shelli @ Hopefully Devoted
Reply November 3, 2010

I sometimes go through bouts where I wonder, "Is this all there is? Isn't there something more I should be doing?" I needed this reminder today. Thank you.

Christy A.
Reply November 3, 2010

I'll comment, because this was beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability - both in your post and by opening comments - because it's nice to know that I'm not alone in feeling this way.

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply November 3, 2010

A Psalm! You've written a Psalm! I love it, Amber. It's as homespun and as honest and as worthy of an Amen as anything David wrote.

Reply November 3, 2010

Thanks..this is exactly the reminder that I needed today.

Reply November 3, 2010

Amber, I always find myself searching my news feed on FB to find your blog because I know there is something that you will say that will make me think. Once I find it, I immediately stop and read it. Thank you for sharing what's on your heart....because it's on mine, too....I just have a hard time putting it into words. :)

Reply November 3, 2010

This is so hard to do in real life.
As I move to a new house.
As other things are in...process.
Things are not finished here, and it's hard to just BE...unless it's doing dirty dishes. Those? I have not problem accepting for who they are.

I'm glad you wrote this. You wrote this for me, I'm sure of it...:) You know, you might think it was for Someone else, and it is, but loving your neighbor often means speaking the truth to them, and this was truth I needed. Thanks.

Reply November 3, 2010


I've noticed everyone says that you wrote this for them. It was written for them. Because - and going way out on a line here - because I think you wrote it for you. But here's the thing.

This is why everyone thinks you wrote it for them.

It's because you are us. That's why we read you (aside from the eminently enviable poetic streak of yours). I'm a mixed up jumbled mess that God is making look more like him each day. So are you. So are we all. Your weakness will always speak to someone, your strengths to others. In Seminary they taught us "three point sermon - "THREE POINT SERMON" - but I always liked the hundred point sermons - feeling sure that the Spirit would deposit each one to just the right person. With every hundred words you write 50 people take away different things. Things that, without you knowing, were written just for them. That's how usable you are, struggles, doubts, faith, and all.

One last thing. I know why we are "never there yet". It took me ages to figure out - and it's not the only answer I'm sure - but it is one. It's this world's system. And to get theological - we know that "the ruler of this present age" does not have our best interests at heart.

It's his system. You can tell by the design. We have nothing, we want something - and just that something makes us happy for a little. Then we want more, we get it, but soon that doesn't satisfy. All the way up until we get everything - we're Solomon - and we find "it's all vain, chasing after the wind" and it's too late for anything but to write a book of the Bible telling everybody how we searched our whole lives, became old, then finally got it - in the last couple of verses.

That's a system set up by the enemy, in it, we are never there, always chasing, never finding. The other system, not of this world, is where we are chased, we are found, we are always "there". It's overused - but for Christians always true - the journey IS the destination.

This is the little blessing that your words blew by my way - and like the tiny pieces of dandelion puffs when blown - a bunch of other blessings landed elsewhere - just that not everyone is as wordy as some of us are. Sorry :)

Reply November 3, 2010

On comments:
It's been trendy to stretch the idea of "dependence on God alone" to the point of ignoring the essential part of us that God Himself designed to be formed and kept healthy by the buoying encouragement, enfolding love, enriching counsel, and even hard, sharpening truth from our fellows.

I know there's a self-worth hazard there, when one puts oneself out there, but I scramble for that place of balance somewhere in the middle where I can receive what others say to me - good, bad, or indifferent - while yet resting my identity on what God says about me.

My comment to you is simply my gratitude for openly sharing what God has given you with us out here in the cloud, many of whom you may never meet or even hear from. Computer desks aren't as congenial as back fences and front porches, but we work with what we have, right? I've been blessed by what I've read here, and I wish you and your family all continuance of God's blessings.

On not being there yet:
I struggle here, too, as there seem to be many things God has given me without showing Why, yet. And the present often has more than its share of seeming-drudgery.

God asked me recently if I'd mind if He went ahead and killed me. Would it be OK with me if He lovingly declared that my purpose on earth had been well-accomplished - and it was time for me to come on home? Or did I feel that my own ideas of my gifts and their potential uses were simply too valuable for Him to leave undeveloped?

I shuddered and tried to say that no, Lord, of course I wouldn't mind... but I'm not sure I meant it. I continue to struggle - but now, perhaps, with more clarity.

Reply November 3, 2010

This place is most certainly not for nothing. I start with confession that I've been voyeuristically inhaling everything you write on your blog for two years now, and have been deeply affected. Greatly exhorted. Inspired. Frequently moved to tears. And I'm a bit of a cynic, so there you go. But who you are in God, how you open yourself up to Him and us, how you use your absolute gift for words is like salve on my soul. I'm with Craig above, that you are us, we are you, and the Holy Spirit deposits the perfect nugget in each believer at the perfect time.

This system that we must physically live in isn't the one intended for us. And this isn't our home, and that's why, I think, it never feels comfortable, never fits just right. But, oh when we do get home, we will so know. And I'll hug your neck.

So don't give up. You are edifying the Body by being such an open conduit with your life in God. And I am so thankful for you.

    Reply November 3, 2010

    Y'all, thank you seriously for the encouragement. Thank you.

Laura@life overseas
Reply November 3, 2010

Loved this post, even MORE than yesterday's conversation.

One thing I am continually learning is in may ways it's the good questions and the resulting conversation that teaches and stirs the deep things. And you provided a very important forum for that. And that's nothing to apologize for. Every. The platform for the honest, grace-filled discussion is a real gift to the rest of us. Truly.

Thanks for that.

Reply November 3, 2010

"Enjoy where you are, Soul. Enjoy your God. Live in gratitude for who He made you to be, right here, exactly where you are, while you’re still there."
Amen! and thank you! and did I mention Amen?

Reply November 3, 2010


I "stumbled" on your blog one day...not quite sure how I got there.....but stayed there for hours. Your transparency, honesty and willingness to be real is what has kept me coming back.
I blog as well. Pretty sure no one reads it because there are rarely any comments....but it's a bit of an outlet for me, so I do it every once in a while.
While reading, I found that we have someone in common....Brooke R.
Her hubby poured into my college age son (i am 45) and she and Finley are the cutest.
Back to YOU.....Jesus has obviously blessed you with an ability to create with words, what most of us can't express.
Keep it up. I will keep reading!

Reply November 4, 2010

The Westminster Catechism for children (for adults, too!) asks, What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever. I think you hit the nail on the head. When we focus too much on ourselves, we really don't match up. There will always be something (and the devil loves to remind us of our deficiencies!) or some area where we fall short. Human nature to look at others and say we are not enough. In Christ alone, my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song! Encouraging words, thanks!

Reply November 4, 2010

I've been thinking along these lines lately...haven't been making the time to blog, but have had a post brewing about embracing the process of becoming rather than being unhappy with what I am not. Thanks for your words!

That Crazy Mommy
Reply November 4, 2010

Beautiful and just what I needed to hear at this exact moment!

Reply November 4, 2010

Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the God who made me to be exactly where I am right now. A hard pill to swallow sometimes (or at least right now it feels that way), though it shouldn't be.

Also, thanks for blogging - I don't comment very often, but I'm really grateful for your honesty in your posts. That's what keeps me coming back.

Lisa-Jo @thegypsymama
Reply November 4, 2010

Comments are simply conversation. You speak. Then we speak. It's community. And I love it.

Reply November 5, 2010

The love language of affirmation in me loves comments. But my soul and my heart loves the conversations. The opening of hearts between a community of people. The sharing of lives.

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