Bringing Home Beautiful

Please welcome a post from my good good husband, Seth Haines, and pay attention at the end. Seth and Seth are offering something so ridiculous, you won’t be able to refuse.

Please hang with me through this post. This is important to me.

If you could sit down with Seth Primm over coffee, you’d find him to be patient, empathizing with brokenness, a man constantly in waiting. He chooses words carefully, poised on the edge of the perfect moment where he will speak truth. The moment of light. If you knew him—I mean really knew him—you’d see a flesh and bone version of one who does justice, loves mercy, and walks humbly with God.

“I don’t want to live in the light of His love and not be moved.” I’ve heard him say this.

He and his wife, Joy, are in an advent-like season of tension. In the process of an Ethiopian adoption, they have made their way to the wait list. Their little girl is somewhere in Ethiopia right now. She has a beautiful face. Her laughter is joyful, her tears real. They were made for each other.

“She is holding on to hope another lonely day. She is holding out for love to show up with a name.” I’ve heard him say this, too.

Through this adoption process, Seth has quietly penned some very inspired songs that have become the project known as Bringing Home Beautiful. More than songs for his little girl, the final product has become the soundtrack for the fatherless. And these songs do not come from a kingdom-now do-gooder. Instead, the entire project goes deeper and is well-centered in the metaphor of rescue and redemption. It reminds us that while we were still orphans Christ took us into his family, wrapped us in his family garments. Seth understands the meta-narrative.

It’s this metaphor that brings me near tears every time I hear the song “Come Home Beautiful,” in which he poetically describes the adoption of the church by Christ. He reminds me that Christ made us beautiful when He “peeled off orphan clothes and wrapped us in simple hope that we would be found beautiful.” Oh, that I would see myself as an orphan of circumstance, adopted into a living hope. Oh, that I would identify with the Primm’s waiting girl, that I would remember the season of tension before Christ rescued me, rescued the church.

From his opening rendering of the Lord’s Prayer, to his closing cry to the “Soverign Lord,” this album speaks with simple authenticity. When you hear his voice, it will ring true.

Please consider connecting with Seth and Joy. Consider purchasing his music, the proceeds of which will go to help bring home Beautiful. Also consider making an additional donation to his adoption fund (after all, this cd is well worth more than a ten-spot). Any additional proceeds generated will be donated to organizations assisting with orphan care.

You can purchase the project on iTunes by clicking this link. If you would like a hard copy, please visit the Primm’s site for more information.


LOOK! If you do buy this album, leave a comment letting us know, and one lucky winner will receive a JINGLE for his or her blog written by Seth Haines and Seth Primm. I mean, great day in the morning! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

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Laura@life overseas
Reply November 5, 2010

Hi there. What a powerful testimony. The loneliness of the orphan has become a weight in the pit of my stomach. My heart is so encouraged by the heart of this family (and I know, your own) to welcome the fatherless. I will be buying a copy of this album this weekend (when hubby comes home with the ol' plastic).

I wrote just yesterday of my thoughts while watching one of our girls here in Thailand struggle, alone. Might be an encouraging glimpse into the world, much like the one the Primms are rescuing "Beautiful" from.

Thanks for your family's passion for the children.


Reply November 5, 2010

Even if you don't have a blog, we'll still write a jingle for you. Think of it as your personal jingle. Maybe you can put it on your answering machine, set it as your ring-tone, or something.

    Reply November 5, 2010

    ORRRRR, you can just laugh at it and say that you've been acquainted with some funny, funny guys.

Reply November 5, 2010

As someone who, although I am single, has adoption in her heart, this was a no-brainer for me! I've already gone to iTunes, purchased the album and synced it to my iPhone! I'll definitely be donating to them as well so they can bring their girl home.

    Reply November 5, 2010

    Jen, what a blessing. What encouragement. Thank you!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Reply November 5, 2010

How wonderful is this? <3 I look forward to hearing the jingle written, I love hearing Seth sing :)

Speaking of which - do any of the boys show an interest in playing guitar, too?

Mela Kamin
Reply November 5, 2010

What a stunning offering ... I bought the album. Thanks for sharing your friend with us. Loved going to Seth's blog and seeing other connections too, like Help Portrait (my hubs is a commercial photographer) and the Iveys. We support & the Gaceks who were there with little Amos after the quake ... I started writing "Heaven Knows My Name" for orphans and once the earth shook in Haiti, I knew God meant it to be for them. Will be in prayer for the Primm family.

Reply November 5, 2010

Love the album!
Will share it--but y'all had me at jingle!

    Reply November 5, 2010

    That's hilarious and I hope you win because while we were kicking around the idea, the jingle for your website came to me instantly. No joke. Seriously. I know it.

    I might do it for you anyway.

Marcus Goodyear
Reply November 5, 2010

I like the last track especially. Just a voice and a guitar. That's my style. Good psalm-like lyrics.

Reply November 5, 2010

i got a cd & i want

Reply November 5, 2010

This past spring God revealed to my husband and I that we are to adopt. This would be the way He would expand our family. We are not planning to have any children the old fashioned way. Not sure if it's possible or not since we've never actually tried. But He told us to adopt. A little girl. Somewhere she is out there, or she will be. Since that time adoption has been heavily on my heart. From orphan care to adoption. It is a passion. For now I pray for her and for her birth parents.

Sara Sophia
Reply November 5, 2010


I love the album cover art.
I would love to have just that picture to put somewhere to look at when I pray.

To remind me of my someday.

And y'all can write me a jingle ANYTIME.
Your fellow Peep Connoisseur

    Reply November 5, 2010

    Make sure to spend time with the last song.

    Oh my...

the other Seth
Reply November 5, 2010

Thanks for sharing our story, Haines! Thanks also to those of you who are engaging it by reading, responding, and purchasing the album. It takes a community to care for the fatherless... the deeper and broader that community, the greater the impact. Look forward to following your stories, Laura, Jen, Lisa, Mela, Sara!

...What Seth H. is slow to offer is the fact that he co-wrote on 3 of the songs. His contributions really helped shape the message of those songs and the album as a whole. He's the man.

Shelli @ Hopefully Devoted
Reply November 5, 2010

God is growing in me such a heart for the fatherless. Every Friday, I dedicate a post to the "Least of These," sharing our journey as we walk this new path. Today I spoke of sponsoring a young girl in Thailand who is in the care of Breanna's House, an orphanage that provides a haven for girls who would otherwise be targets of the sex trafficking industry. Whether we sponsor, or provide financial assistance or prayer, or adopt one of these little ones, we are all called to care for the fatherless.

The music clips sound amazing. I have just downloaded the album and look forward to listening to it and sharing it. Thank you and may God bless you and that sweet little girl in Ethiopia.

Reply November 5, 2010


love this...thank you for sharing.

“She is holding on to hope another lonely day. She is holding out for love to show up with a name.” not sure if i could ever explain how deeply i feel this statement.

may more and more people say YES so that love may show up.

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply November 5, 2010

I am in Colorado Springs right now, recovering from an amazing evening to kick-off Orphan Sunday (coming up this weekend). My heart is so full of what God is doing through his Church to be His hands and feet to the fatherless. And then to read this post and listen to Seth-squared music? That's icing on the cake.

I bought the album. Seth, may your little girl come home soon. My husband was an orphan. I am so glad he was adopted. I am so thankful God adopted us both.

    Reply November 6, 2010

    The response here is so great, and I love hearing how you are engaging with the stories of the fatherless. Seth (Haines) here. Would some of you be willing to blog about how you commemorated Orphan sunday next week? Would those of you who bought this album be willing to review Seth's album and include the links in your posts next week? Can we, as a community, help bring the Primm's child home through this cd?

    If you link up to his cd sometime next week, we'll stick another entry in the hat for you on the jingle thing. We'll draw next Friday.


Katie @ Do Not Depart
Reply November 6, 2010

{Christ made us beautiful when He “peeled off orphan clothes and wrapped us in simple hope that we would be found beautiful.” Oh, that I would see myself as an orphan of circumstance, adopted into a living hope.}

Great reminder. Looking forward to the album. Just purchased it!

God has called my husband and I to adopt one day.

Reply November 7, 2010

Downloaded the album- I just love the lyrics!

Praying that their beautiful girl will be on her way home very soon. Blessings!

Elizabeth Rhodes
Reply November 10, 2010

So glad and grateful how God uses His children to love all His children. So grateful for what you are doing.

I did download the album and so pleased to do so. I plan to pass this on in my blog.

Kelly Sauer
Reply November 10, 2010

Yeah, so I went over to purchase a CD, and I'm leaving a comment so I can win that jingle, because this came out on a day that I learned that I have to have a licensed song for my website, and hearing your style - dude. If I don't win the giveaway, I may donate to you for you to write me one anyway! lol umm.... would you do that? *grin*

love to you.

Robin ~ Pensieve
Reply November 10, 2010

Ok, since someone shared the CD w/me already, I didn't actually b u y it; BUT I DID make a contribution via PayPal.

PUHLEASE tell me it's not too late to beg/borrow/steal for a jingle! I read this yesterday but honestly...........I've been so busy with writing commitments, I forgot to comment and jump through Seth-flavored hoops so maybeJUSTMAYBE I could get me one of them ukelele songs you write.

GAWSH, Amber Haines has got to be the stinkin'est, adorablest person on the planet. I had no idea how pretty you(she) sings :).


Sara @ Happy Brown House
Reply November 10, 2010

Bought it! As someone who is staring down the beginning of the adoption road, I couldn't NOT buy it...especially since Ethiopia keeps popping up this week.

Reply November 11, 2010

I bought it. Not because I want a jingle. The one you wrote for Sara Sophia is just way too awesome.
The music is great. And the story behind it is beautiful. And I think it's fantastic that they are adopting a little girl.

Reply November 11, 2010

Absolutely beautiful! I listened through it the other day and intended to buy, but hadn't got around to it. Your hilarious Sarah Sophia jingle pushed me to do it in time for your clever contest!

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Reply December 22, 2013

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