Share the Beauty: An Invitation to Join

If anything, scroll down and check out the links, but I’d love for you to read this through, so you know where we are and where we’re inviting you to join us.

I’m overwhelmed this morning by the comments on yesterday’s post. I realize that the sell of Bringing Home Beautiful is for the Primm family, but I, myself, have received such encouragement that the church is itself beautiful. We need to believe that. We need to realize our own adopted status. What a name we’ve been given!

!dea Camp is at it again, and that’s another reason my eyelids are lifting – toward the beauty of the church. !deaCamp is addressing Orphan Care at a Conference here in Northwest Arkansas in February. Get out your calendar and plan to come the 25th and 26th.

Until then I’ve been reading blogs, finding obedience within the American church, toward our true Religion. I’m honored to be coordinating a united blogging effort (which is not quite underway, but almost), in my small sphere in the blog world, to draw attention to the Orphan, to the ramifications of caring or not about the orphan, how human we are in this process – all the tension, the pushes and pulls.

Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday. Hasn’t Orphan Care been a hot topic lately? If you look at the statistics, the topic hasn’t been hot enough. One night this past week we joined a local group at something called Present in the City. The goal is to end local poverty here in Northwest Arkansas by being present in the city, and we engaged specifically about the fatherlessness of our generation and how that has affected us, how it is its own form of poverty.

It makes perfect sense that John Sowers, author of Fatherless Generation and also President of The Mentoring Project, came from Portland to speak. I thought of him as Big and Famous but found him to be a good, humble, bearded lover of theology and story. He talked about how we, and more specifically men, can change the trajectory of a person’s life by simply BEING present. So our eyes are opened a little more today, not just across the ocean, but here in our own city, to see the empty places so that we can sit in.

Where can we sit in and be a warm body? Didn’t Jesus come to be Emmanuel? Isn’t He God WITH us? Are we not to emulate Him, commune with Him, as we aim to change lives because that’s what His aim is?

Serving the poor, however, is NOT our number one goal. Number one, first, before any other thing, is a life turned toward and abiding in Emmanuel. Why do I so often forget?

A Life of Return is the tagline for Christmas Change, which is also in the beginning stages of running at full speed. This year, because God’s presence and the needs of the poor aren’t seasonal, and a Life of Return can’t just be a tagline, with the help of Lora Lynn from Vitafamiliae, we’re changing the focus a tiny bit. Read about it over at the Christmas Change blog, and begin to look forward to some honest posts from the likes of Melissa from The Inspired Room, Ann from A Holy Experience, Dan from Bible Dude, and of course many incredible others.

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Reply November 7, 2010

Thank you for a beautiful post.

Am so thankful for my adoption by God into his family. Beautiful grace.

Reply November 8, 2010

I'm really looking forward to both of these things Amber! Thanks for allowing me to participate! I believe that the Lord is going to do some amazing work through lots of amazing people, and it's exciting to see all of this develop!

Dan King

in the hush of the moon
Reply November 9, 2010

amber, your heart is beauty. i am excited to join you in this project... God is at work through you. just let me know how/when to begin. blessings, e.

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