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I have friends there right now, and if it weren’t for them, Haiti might, again, have become less than a blip on my radar. Have you kept up with Haiti since most of the media left?
The following is one of the recent posts from HELP: Help End Local Poverty. Please read it to know how to pray. I know a few who come home to being doctors and other people of American importance, but Haiti has become them. Now they glow more with Jesus’ light, under the knowledge of so much pain. I’m watching and learning about the yoke of Christ. Please read!

Who Will Care For the Children?

Today was tough. We didn’t realize how hard it was until we had our team meeting tonight and we all discovered that we were sitting in a room full of people that had just been collectively broken for the community of Yahve Shamma.

The brokenness came as we were able to dive deeper into relationship with our interpreters and Pastor Gaetan. The stories of what happened to them and their families both during the earthquake and in the months that have followed are harrowing and nearly unbelievable (like in the way most Hollywood blockbusters can hold your attention without making you actually think that live sized transforming alien car/robots will actually one day invade earth). But they were real, epic in their tragedies, and far too common. No one single nation should have to suffer like the Haitian people.

Pastor Gaetan, on the other hand, has to be from another planet. His humility, his dedication, and his overwhelming concern for his children is truly otherworldly. A few of us were able to spend more time with him and there is not enough hyperbole in the English language to describe the amazing work he is doing with his children. He keeps thanking us for our sacrifice in coming to Haiti when the reality is that he will spend nearly every waking minute for the foreseeable future feeding, bathing, and teaching 30 children that he now proudly calls his own.

A few months ago, the Pastor and his wife were offered residency in the Dominican Republic. It’s a chance that many Haitians would jump at because the quality of life is so much higher. He talked about it with his wife, and they both said, “But who would care for the children?” He continued “God gave me these children for a reason, so that I can save their lives. There will be time to go later.”

There are more stories to be told from today, but they are stories that deserve more time and care than I and the rest of us have the capacity to give. Please pray for us because we are weary . . . not from the work, but from the emotions behind it. Since we’ve been back at our missions home tonight, some of our team members have not been able to stop crying from the emotions of what they experienced today. Also, please pray for our safety tomorrow as we visit the largest tent city in Port-au-Prince with one of the most prominent pastors in Haiti.

We know that you all have been praying for our health and safety, and let me assure you that we can tell. We have been blessed with the connections and the encounters that we have had already and anticipate many more in the coming days.

Talk to you tomorrow.

(by Ken Nussbaum)

Read other stories at the Help End Local Poverty blog.

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Reply November 11, 2010

My uncle goes regularly to Haiti and has set up a church there. He doesn't talk about it often, and strangely, I don't ask... living without knowing is so much easier...
My mother prays for Haiti and sends them my daughters little shoes.
But what do I do?....

    Reply November 11, 2010

    Dear debbie,

    There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that the goal of HELP in Haiti is to restore dignity and to live out gospel, not just go repaint a brick wall and preach in the streets. These people know Haiti, are in an ongoing relationship with it's people. I think they need prayer more than anything, and they also need donations.

    Poke around as much as you can at the HelpEndLocalPoverty website. Contact them. Sponsor a child. It's only $35 a month. If there's not a match for a Haitian child. Ask them for one. I know they are more than willing.

    Another idea is to have a garage sale. Isn't that cool? It's a great way to get your own community involved. I believe that if we plug in as a community, we create ongoing relationships with place and people - not only there but here - the body at work.

    I won't give my word on many organizations, but I trust these people completely to use every dime to help the people of Haiti LIVE.

Katie @ Do Not Depart
Reply November 11, 2010

We are going to Haiti this summer, and I am a bit apprehensive. That is, I know that my heart is going to break seeing the devastation and poverty. But I need it. It is so easy to forget, as Debbie said "living without knowing is so much easier…".
But shame on me if I avoid tragedy, loss, lost-ness because I fear "getting involved". Looking forward to all the Lord is going to do this summer. I pray He continues to draw my heart towards Haiti and the lost who so desperately need a Savior.

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