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I’ve fallen in love with two blogs this week:

In the Hush of the Moon by Emily Wieranga – there’s something there that exists in me, too – strikes the deep notes on my internal keyboard, familiar in the sister way.

Sometimes you read someone and think she might have the same past as you, yet beautiful different. Sometimes a writer knows how to lend you her eyes. I think I’m the last one to find out about Amy Turn Sharp of Doobleh-Vay. Some people lose their giveadamn in a way that still adds sweet to the world. I love her.

And the winner of the Come Home Beautiful Jingle is …

Robin Dance of Pensieve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t for the life of me get my computer to take a screen shot, so just trust me; everyone who commented in support of the Come Home Beautiful album was in the running, and Robin, #17, wins it! We’ll share her song as soon as we can. I’m excited. This, too, doesn’t mean we won’t write more.

Something else this week really moved me, so much that I think I squirted mascara on the walls. It hit at just the right moment. Happy Eleventh Anniversary to my Seth.I love you, and I want this with you.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

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Share the Beauty
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Reply November 13, 2010

nope i'm the last one who wasn't reading amy turn sharp. and now i am .

Reply November 13, 2010


When I click on the link to In the Hush of the Moon I get an song on you tube - it might be just me though. Maybe check it?

And although I get to put for the very first time, a Website name, both of them aren't really ready till Monday. Well they won't be ready then either. I might have to pay some stranger to push the publish button for me.

And please tell Seth - after some time and prayer and wisdom imparted, I thank him much.

God Bless you and Seth on your anniversary today. I am blessed that I now know two runamucks.

Reply November 13, 2010

Oh, and see how used I am to not leaving a website name - doh.

Robin ~ Pensieve
Reply November 13, 2010

Oh, Amber...I wasn't prepared to CRY when I started watching that Vimeo! Since it was a cartoon, I thought it would be all laughy! Wow...sweetest love story EVAH!!! And with my anniversary coming up TOMORROW (23! Celebrate!!), you've sent my heart a swirlin' :).

Happy day to you and Seth. My wish for y'all? Scandalous affection, breathy words exchanged...and hot chocolate.

Or business socks, y'all can choose :).

Love Amy; she writes beautifully, recklessly and with great abandon. Don't know Emily but you've given me reason to spy on her now :).

Oh.......and ME???????? I'm happy dancin' Snoopy style, nose in the air, feet off the ground, and jingly inside and out! #17 is one of my favorite numbers (seriously) and you just made it favoriter.

Merci beaucoodles--lots of them!!


Amber @ Classic Housewife
Reply November 13, 2010

Woo-hoo!!! Yay for Robin! Can't wait to hear t. =)

amy turn sharp
Reply November 13, 2010

so honored xo

Sara Sophia
Reply November 13, 2010

I find words through you.

The words of others who share soul in the writing.

Thank you for introducing me to Emily.
She hits me story-hard and I jump like Christmas.



Adventures In Babywearing
Reply November 14, 2010

I LOVE AMY! :) She's my girl.


misha leigh
Reply November 14, 2010

I've just been discovering Emily, too - and you! And I'll have to go read Amy. Thank you!

Reply November 14, 2010

May my life never be too full that more beauty is turned away, even if it means pruning out the once-loved. Thank you for sharing such lovely links.

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode
Reply November 14, 2010

Squirted mascara on the walls! Well, me too.

Elizabeth @claritychaos
Reply November 19, 2010

I LOVE Amy...her writing is some of my favorite online. And when I first discovered Emily, not too long ago, I thought of you and wondered if you read her. She's actually featuring a guest post of mine there today. I feel a little inadequate gracing her space. Her writing -- like yours and Amy's -- is always poetry, no matter the form it's presented in.

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