On Tender Hearts

The cold stings my face awake, and the sun squints my eyes. It’s a day to be grateful. I drop my boys with a sitter, and I get in my van, sit in the beautiful quiet for a minute counting the points of ice crystals on glass. Then I pull up to the local superstore and unfold my list.

Find the fat pencils for homeschool, and on my way to supplies, my mind drifts …

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Amy Mitchell
Reply January 14, 2011

This one really really got me. I feel you, and I boohooed a little with you while I read this. Stay warm and safe, all of you. peace + <3

Reply January 14, 2011

Have you ever read "The Secret Life of Bees"? There's a passage about one of the sisters and how she reacts to seeing the nightly news on tv. I always felt like it described me well. You are much wise for your young stage of life, ms. Amber Haines.

Reply January 14, 2011

saw a formner student in wal-mart today. talked a couple of minutes. walked away. my husband, behind me, said "one of your success stories?" if only. then he saw i was crying. because this kid has had too many hard knocks. and is 17 with little hopes of getting *back* into school to finish.....my husband just said, "i love you." and took my hand. he knows what's up.

Reply January 14, 2011

Wow. I felt like you were writing this post about me. I too, struggle with being emotional, of bearing the world's burdens on my own shoulders, whether it's something I see at the grocery store or on the evening news, and of being unable to let go. The Tucson shootings were tough to deal with, since I am an Arizonan with family there and am the mother of a young child. I truly feel the pain of that young mother. And I too, have wondered why I was burdened with this and if I were either in sin or struggling with a depressive disorder, or both. I thank God for your post today.

Elizabeth @claritychaos
Reply January 14, 2011

I used to cry when I read the paper. Tornadoes, illness, news, anything. I cannot help but create an entire narrative for what I imagine to be the emotions and stories of complete strangers. But when I see this empathy in my oldest son, it warms my heart and I decide, like you, to see it as a gift.

Love this.

Katie @ Imperfect People
Reply January 22, 2011

I found you via inCourage and I'm glad i did!

Reply January 27, 2011

i'm training to become a psychologist and if im not holding back tears in session with my clients i'm weeping for them afterward, sometimes in front of people who have a say in my future. a few weeks ago, my supervisor admonished me to "get control" of my emotions that although good at times might really hold me back. i'm a cryer and like you ask the Lord why He created me this way. thanks for sharing; i feel so encouraged and not so weird.

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