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I usually do this post on Saturday, if I do it, but this Saturday I have something different to share, and it is also its own beauty.

For now, enjoy a few treats.

Did you know that my husband, Seth, has a blog? He does, and it’s awesome, and there’s a great serial story going on over there.

Check it out.

Have you kept up with Lora Lynn from Vitafamiliae? Her adoption story has been such a whirl wind.

Read this post in particular.

When we did the prompted writing workshop at Blissdom, it sent so many of our hearts reeling in unexpected directions.

One prompt was a question. “What is in you? All I have is _________ in me.”

This is how Nish at The Outdoor Wife responded.

How would you respond?

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Reply February 10, 2011

i can truly say that "all i have is joy in me." it's the first time is YEARS i can say that i feel well physically, emotionally, and spiritually. it's a tad bit scary, though. i keep thinking, "what's going to go worng?" so. yeah. all i have in me is joy. with a touch of fear.

    Reply February 10, 2011

    Kendal, at Blissdom we got to hear Brene Brown speak on vulnerability, how we must be vulnerable to have joy and how vulnerability opens us up to pain, how it's the only way to truly live. It was awesome.

    I have joy now, too, and I'm grateful for us both.

Reply February 11, 2011

Hi Amber,
I am reading Ann Voskamp's book and all I have in me is thanksgiving. Gratitude. There is power in words and although I know I am broken, I will continue to mess up, trials will come. . I will choose thankfulness. Even when it's hard. But I'll admit, I don't want to be tested on the "hard". . I think whenever I go for a time without true worldly tragedy. . I have to admit that I wonder when it's going to strike and honestly pray it won't. . as we all are. . I'm just a work in progress. . . .

Reply February 26, 2011

Hi Amber, i listened to you on Faithful Podcasts - it was wonderful to hear your testimony!! Looking forward to following you. Great blog. Blessings to you.

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