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This is for my girls and maybe a few brothers, too, and if you don’t know who you are, just go ahead and assume you’re one of them.

Now, go have yourself a good dang night!

And for added fun, I challenge you to say “YeeHaw” as seriously as you possibly can at some point after the sun goes down.

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Reply February 19, 2011

ba ha ha! thanks for the southern fun!

Reply February 19, 2011

SO funny and fun.

Loving the videos you share lately - the last two that I've passed on to people have been from you, this and the the Groove Your Bump.

Thanks for sharing!

Mary Ann
Reply February 19, 2011

Hey Amber,

I liked this video !! Shows to me how people can express the same feeling in their own way with their own talents !! I thought that the Black Eyed Peas version was the only way until seeing these guys with their enthusiasm, sincerity and guilelessness.

Thanks for making my Saturday !!
Mary Ann

Reply February 20, 2011

this is awesome!!! they did a super job:))) haha!
thanks for sharing!!

Reply February 21, 2011

yeehaw :)

sara @ it's good to be queen
Reply March 2, 2011

ha! the boys and i just watched this together....that's good stuff. i love that his glasses looked as though they would fall off his nose at any moment.

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