how the dirt inspires

I’ve been the most uninspired while my body’s working out the poetry of creating child. I saw the forsythia blooming all over town yesterday, and I keep thinking how much more I’d be writing if I could just be out in the wild a little.

Seth knows how to drive right to it. Down the road from here our church owns some property and she is sharing it with a local non-profit that we dearly love. The community comes together there to plant and harvest, to feed those of our own who have too little food.

Seth took the boys on Saturday, and even though I know that the music doesn’t backdrop the sweat in real life, I’m inspired by the work, and I thought you would be, too.

The Farm…Community, Reflections and the Church from Cobblestone Project on Vimeo.

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Reply March 14, 2011


Reply March 14, 2011

This is what the early church was about. Being together...working together...just being together in everything. Thanks for sharing this. Keep working out that poetry :). It is beautiful work.

Reply March 15, 2011

Wonderful video! I really enjoyed going with Seth and the boys to the farm Saturday. The pictures I have are priceless. What a blessing that the boys are learning such life-giving lessons.

diana trautwein
Reply March 15, 2011

This is lovely - thank you so much for putting it up. I'm thinking that was Seth talking in the last part. If so, please thank him for his good words and evident hard work. And your sweet boy, too. I'd say you were quite inspired, actually - in the very best and truest sense of that word. Thanks, Run-A-Muck - loving your blog.

Reply March 16, 2011

that was so great. very inspirational. makes me want to take my kids to the nursing home or something....start our own community garden and get my hands dirty w/ my kiddos. makes me miss y'all.
thinking about you often as we grow these boys within.....:)

Lindsey Nobles
Reply March 17, 2011

I just adore y'all...

Reply March 22, 2011


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