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This is how we started our day – with a little Ethiopian music and dance. Watch it especially at the end. Happiness all around for your Saturday! I have two friends in labor, and out of town friends are on their way.  It’s a rainy day for gladness, a good day.

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Jan Rucks
Reply March 19, 2011

Your website is awesome. I am a 58 year old, with 3 daughters and 1 grandaughter. (Erin used to work with me at Dr. Sparks office) I just wanted to say that your daily messages make me miss and fondly remember our household when the girls were small. Our house, like yours, was filled with such noise and confusion, but at the same time was filled with more love than you can imagine! I miss it so! Enjoy each and every day, I would love to relive the craziest day if I could! You sound like a wonderful mom and wife, you are so up-lifting! I love your sister dearly!

Reply March 21, 2011

Oh Thank YOU! that is soooo Happy Making!! - big grins here and my poor ol' bod had to do a little movin' & shakin' too!

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