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Jude wakes in stretch and scratch of morning, curling with life-size dinosaur next to me on the green couch. Our I-Love-You smiles are eye-to-eye and quiet. Soon, the other two will join, one squeezed to my side and the other at my neck. They will want to eat, and then I’ll be compelled to start the day – reading, memory work, math, phonics.

And like that, lately, the days have washed over me, in the wave after wave, the momentum of motherhood. I unload the dishwasher and yell to the play room, “Are you being a Peacemaker?” One says, “No! He’s being a troublemaker!” Things quieten and then crescendo all day.

The blog is slow. I’m slow to write and it’s slow to load. That’s how it’s supposed to be right now. I get online to read Seth, and by the way, he is my best.

Soon the blog will be fast and have a new face. Soon I move to the apartment below ours, and there we’ll get to have a washer and dryer! Can we all pause a second for the beauty of a washer and dryer? And then can we all ask ourselves why I have never not moved while pregnant?


The Spring clean and fling and label is on – in my apartment and on my webbernet front porch. When I come back here, I’ll have the sweetest thing to giveaway and other giveaways after that. I can’t wait to show you the new FAST blog design and to show you my new ideas for creative writing. I want you to join me in some of it.

If you haven’t signed up for RunaMuck emails or Feed, now’s the time! The few who do are the ones who get my original posts, the ones that go up before I realize major edits in spelling and attitude.

After almost 4 years of blogging, I’ve never been more grateful for this community and for the discipline and encouragement that writing here has given me after the MFA program. I don’t plan to give up on it any time soon. And I don’t say often enough that you encourage me more than I’ll ever be able to say in the comments.

Thank you for being happy with me about my babies, for rejoicing with me over a marriage that is restored. Thank you for sharing story with me.

Your voices have been like peace flags. You’ve been my sisters and brothers. My mothers.

THANK YOU. Some of you are the very truest. And I think of you as faraway friends, and I wish somehow I could count down the days till I see you.

Until face-to-face, see you back here April 6th!

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Cassie Boorn
Reply March 23, 2011

Can't wait! Thank you for being you. :)

Reply March 23, 2011

such a long time until April 6th! I'm so glad you write. And seriously? I am SO glad you are getting a dryer/washer. I survived a while without a dryer and it's like, MAGIC to get one after a dryer drought.

Reply March 23, 2011

so happy for you!

Reply March 23, 2011

Excited friend. Loves & hugs.

Jessica Y
Reply March 23, 2011

Amber, I think I have moved with all 4 babies as well..... what is that about?

Reply March 23, 2011

well. just smiles here. and on a yucky, sad day, too. thanks. :)

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}
Reply March 23, 2011

voices like peace flags--you are such a poet, and i love it:) also good to know that i'm not the only one who edits post-publishing:)

luck on the move and yay for in-house washer/dryer!

Reply March 24, 2011

Love you, girl. See you back here soon.
Also, there is nothing more glorious than an in-apartment washer and dryer. It absolutely deserves the bold treatment you gave it. :-)

Reply March 25, 2011

Seems perfect, new beginnings for spring. So glad he makes us new everyday.

Reply March 27, 2011

YAY! I've been wanting to subscribe to your blog via email for quite some time now, but have been clueless as to where the thing was located. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me--it's a ridiculous amount of happy! =D
Also, congratulations on the washer & dryer. My husband & I currently live in an apt. without them and boy do I miss having them!

Reply March 27, 2011

My days are washing over me in much the same way... and funny that I'm about to move to WordPress, too - and I have no idea if the blog will be fast, but I doubt as I stare into the eyes of my fourth child (complete with a case of infant bronchitis) that my LIFE will ever be fast again. I'm in the Boppy stage... the one where you sit and nourish - and ponder what it will be like when you don't have a daiper bag, a two year old tugging, and a mountain of laundry always threatening avalanche.

Following you where you go online, regardless. I've come to love so many sojourners in the blog world - and you are one of them! I feel blessed to have been able to hug your neck IRL. Maybe we can count those days down some time ... and meet up again.

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