A Haines Home Companion: Padawan Music

Rebel Fanfare: Star Wars

There’s Rebel Fanfare, Leia’s Theme, Binary Sunset, The Imperial March, or the Death Star Motif, all themes called leitmotifs, “a musical term (though occasionally used in theatre or literature), referring to a recurring theme, associated with a particular person, place, or idea.”

Pieces of music come in and out of a score to ground the viewer to a particular motif, give it certain connotations.

One day, I’ll hear John Williams’ amazing trumpet blares, the bassoon, french horn, and the piercing flute, and it will not take me to the scenes of Princess Leia conjuring tension in Han Solo. I won’t look back and think ominous Death Star, Boba Fett, or the Forest Moon of Endor.

Though I will think Father and son. I’ll think of what we pass down to the next generation, what the generation after that will do better.

Sometimes I hate Star Wars. It’s my boys’ waking thought. It will never go away.

But I know that with age comes a loneliness, a chance to have the esteem corrected away from the children we worked so hard to raise. One day, I’ll be alone, rocking maybe, working hard in my spirit to live intimately hand-in-hand with Invisible GOD, and then, the thought of it, the sound, will unlatch from the secret recesses of gray matter, and I’ll start humming.

The Star Wars Music.

And I’ll rock and remember. Maybe smile.

They used to run around in their underwear and sit in my lap while I typed. They would wrestle on the couch until someone cried, and then they would do it again two minutes later. They would use their light sabers to wack the neighbor kid across the face for not including all the brothers.

Maybe they’ll come see me wherever I am, and maybe they won’t. But our theme music has already nestled into my bones. You never know when the music will come out, take us back to our themes.

This morning, we all grew horns and butted heads over Star Wars, and I won, put the toys up in a box and declared a week without. Here’s to the leitmotifs of boyhood, how a mother can take away Han Solo, but NEVER the Rebel Fanfare.


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Kelly Sauer
Reply April 15, 2011

*giggle* a thoughtfully fun post. i think i will not miss "old macdonald" or "the three blind mice." and my kids don't really notice that they're gone for now. but i think your story is better.

    Reply April 15, 2011

    Kelly, I'm so serious when I say that it's an obsession. We've literally called Star Wars a "high place" and had to knock it down a few times.

    After a while, they'll chill out and then we'll give it back. It's their most fun. And my most noise!

Reply April 15, 2011

exactly, yes.

Reply April 15, 2011

Too funny! I am a few years ahead of you on the boy scale...our 3 still live and breath Star Wars. I have to stop them when my girl nerves can't take one more minute of debate over star fighters and villains vs good guys. They'll move on to other things, sometimes for quite awhile...but they always are humming the songs and eventually they return to their first love! Sword fights, legos, drawings upon drawings---you might as well settle in :)

    Reply April 15, 2011


Elizabeth @claritychaos
Reply April 15, 2011

Kindred spirit. :)

    Reply April 15, 2011

    I know it, Elizabeth. Bless our hearts, huh?

Southern Gal
Reply April 15, 2011

Love this! I've struggled with this a little with my now 9-year-old. He was only introduced to it at 7 with the Lego's Star Wars Wii game and only recently watched all the movies. (I had to read the books to him first. Mama rule.) We've had two birthday parties for him with the Star Wars theme. (His 19-year-old brother was Darth Vader for the last one.) We've had to take the implements away at times and give it a rest. The music...I have the album and I will always remember my boy carefully placing the record on the turntable to listen to the wonderful strains of John William's music while sitting with the cover just soaking it in. The strains of his childhood (which used to be David and Goliath and Robin Hood).

Reply April 15, 2011

we have
thank you, nana.

    Reply April 15, 2011

    Yeah, we do, too. After they heard Anakin yell to Obi Wan, "I hate you!" we had to ban that one. THey started yelling it everywhere they went. It was awesome.

Reply April 15, 2011

"Hey, who you calling scruffy?"

Reply April 15, 2011

Say, that Oh Land video, "Rainbow", in your Peonies & Peomas section is fresher than brand new brussel sprouts before the steam. I'm a sucker for hand-claps and finger-snaps in a song. Adele's new record features some hand-clapping, and it argues my Southern Baptist roots out into the aisles and on my toes.

    Reply April 15, 2011

    I know, right? Adele makes me all kinds of happy, too.

Reply April 15, 2011

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that John Williams is one of my favorite stations on Pandora, because of the many memories in the music I associate with my dad. It was from him I recieved my Star Trek: TNG propensities... Neither he nor I were never much for Star Wars, but we both dearly enjoy John's music.

I enjoyed this post so much...it's made me think about the soundtrack of our days here, in the house on the hill.

    Reply April 15, 2011

    Don't you be embarrassed, Joy. I hung out with people like you in high school and in college both. I didn't grow up watching these movies, but there's something about especially the girls who were into such things (like, I WAY LOVE SciFi (Molder and Scully Forever)) that said "we don't want to be like the rest!"

Reply April 15, 2011

You are not alone. I have a one-liner always on repeat in my brain, "THEY are NOT like ME. THEY are NOT like ME. THEY are NOT like ME." I say this while deep-breathing through the incessant battle noises.

    Reply April 15, 2011

    Yeah. I'm neverendingly amazed at how odd boys are. I've always had a thing for them, though.

stacey neal
Reply April 15, 2011

oh will the pregnancy hormones never cease? that totally made me BAWL. as i have been at the end of my rope w/ the wrestling, yelling, whacking, and yes...at times....the laughing. terrible. focusing on getting things ready for midwives. longing for peace and quiet. meaningless. meaningless. thanks for reeling me back in. now i can't wait for them to get home from grandma's and soak in the ruckus! :)

    Reply April 15, 2011

    Oh my goodness, when do we get to be neighbors? We love y'all so much
    It's the week you're due, right?

    I can't wait to see if you get another little redhead.

Seth (your husband)
Reply April 15, 2011

"Kkkksssshhhhh, kkkkkkrrrrrrrr, vwummmmmm, vwummmmmmmm, beeeeyyyuuu...

huh HUM, huh huh huh HUH hum, huh huh huh HUH hum, huh hub huh hummmmm."

These are the sounds always in our house. Their insolence cannot be tolerated any longer.

    Reply April 15, 2011

    Really the best part is the story you told last night at the dinner table about the Death Star Cafeteria and the food mistake that gave Darth Vader a sick tummy, which had a whole lot to do with the true story behind Obi Wan's death.

    Only you, Seth. Only you.

Danelle Townsend
Reply April 16, 2011

My older son learned to play the theme music on the piano. It seemed endless. Ok, it still is.
And yet in quiet moments, without my two boys (who are 9&7) jumping on beds and having light saber duels, I fear how very much our days are numbered.
Thank you for this sweet post.

Reply April 16, 2011

I had never seen the movies until I met my (now) husband. When we got married and they opened the doors for my dad and me, I really wanted the Imperial March to start as a joke for my husband (and his siblings), but it ended up not happening and it still makes me sad. Oh, well.

Reply April 16, 2011

for seth, who has certainly seen this:


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