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When we moved down stairs to our new apartment, I didn’t get our gas turned on because we only need it here for heat, and it’s Spring. Right? It’s Spring. AND WE’RE FREEZING!

But that’s okay because it’s Saturday, and I’ve got some beauty to share.

  • John Blase of Dirty Shame has been writing letters to Jesus. His honesty makes me feel like a generic brand of human, makes me want to be realer. This particular letter, The Sweet Return, had me saying YES out loud.
  • Usually when I hear of a Christian book about cleaning or homeschooling, I come at it wincing, like somebody’s going to wind up an old towel and whack me in the head with it. But one Summer I did a Bible study called Keepers of the Home with some girlfriends. I can’t explain how much it changed my life.I started loving my home, and it was a really good feeling.
  • When I heard of Sarah Mae’s new ebook, it initially left me hyperventilating. It’s called 31 Days to Clean, which makes me automatically think: 31 Days to Nurturing my Perfectionism (which is what I thought when I heard of Keepers of the Home). Then I watched her video and saw the contributors to the book, and I have to say that it looks very simple and encouraging, the exact kind of thing that my home and heart needs. It really is time for a refresher. I’m going to read 31 Days to Clean. Want to read it with me?

The winner of the Addition Jewelry Giveaway is commenter #27, Wisdom Begun! Congrats on $40 credit to Ginny’s amazing shop, where all proceeds go toward adoption!

I hope your weekend is warm, sunshiny, and full of music.

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Emily @ The Pilot's Wife
Reply April 16, 2011

Oh my, it's c-c-c-COLD here too, Amber! What happened to 85 degrees? Loved the Please Notes too and John Blase is always amazing.

Reply April 16, 2011

YES I will read 31 Days to Clean with you!!! Oh how I needed this. Just downloaded it, and am really looking forward to it! I also want to do that Keeper of the Home one...looks really neat! Thanks for posting about these, Amber! Happy Saturday to you & the Haines men :)

    Reply April 16, 2011

    Joy! YAY!

    Happy Saturday to you and your men, too. If y'all come to Fayetteville, let us know.

Reply April 16, 2011

I don't do well with "self-help" books. It is not enjoyable reading for me. Sometimes, I have to look at things for what they are. Maybe God put you and this book in my FB feed this morning because I probably really need to read this book with you. :) I just downloaded it and even read the first five pages...okay, so that was the listing of chapters, but I'm on it! I love you!

    Reply April 16, 2011

    I love you, too, Tara! I'm proud you're reading it.

    Here's a confession from me. I could get by with only self improvement books. I love to read how relationships work and devotional studies and homeschool curriculum. I did also read the Fly Lady book, too, and it is a definite winner.

Reply April 16, 2011

I'll do 31 Days with ya! And it sounds like I need to read Keepers of the Home.

It's a cold Spring day here in West Virginia, too. Adding insult to injury, it's raining! But praise Jesus, it's not snowing!

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