The Beautiful Church

By the time I get to church, after having wrangled 3 little boys and the pile of books I think I need to bring with me, I land in my fold-out chair with an oomph, only half remembering why I came.

There are announcements, a prayer, then music. A boy to my left takes off his shoes. Up front, strong grandpa hands raise up. It’s just us and God of the Universe.

I sit next to dear friends. I know them well. They know me. We look around the room, we the church. How many stories are here? How many ways have we failed, the most broken, jacked up bunch of people I’ve ever seen.

… continue reading at (In)Courage and view the Ephesians Video Project,

one of the most encouraging things Seth and I have watched come together.


  • April 18, 2011
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