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Here’s a little post I found in my drafts from several weeks ago. I just couldn’t let it go unposted:

A consistent lower burn and the belly rounded in the ball of adrenaline, I thought it might be labor. We loaded up to chikfila for somewhere to go. I took a bag of papers to fill out before my 4th is born.

Chaos: the beggary of dairy-free boy wanting icecream and the rule boy seeing a lanky kid too tall to play on the playground. Chicken sandwiches in hand, the drone of the crowd comes to a halt. Isaac, the 6 year old, drops his head to a thump on the table.

Shaking his head NO, “I forgot I wasn’t going to eat genetically modified chicken anymore!” Sitting up, he slaps his hand to his forehead. His lip quakes.

He looks at the sandwich. And he looks at the ketchup.

Then he dips the sandwich in. And he eats it.

LORD, have mercy on us all!

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Reply August 29, 2011

Thanks for the laugh on a crazy busy day! :)

Reply August 29, 2011


Southern Gal
Reply August 29, 2011

I needed that laugh today! Thanks.

Reply August 29, 2011

Wow, your 6 year old sure is a smarty pants...that's too cute what he said!

Reply August 29, 2011

That dude is such a trip. I love how you raise our children. And by the way, I just ate chicken. I'm pretty sure it was genetically modified.

    Reply August 29, 2011


    It's just like me to watch food documentaries with our kids and then take them right out for fast food. Sheesh.

Reply August 29, 2011

Oh my good gracious! Tell Ike I can relate - I did the same darn thing.

Reply August 29, 2011

I am dying laughing right now. Love. Love everything about this post.

Sara Sophiah
Reply August 30, 2011

You are my favorite :D

I swear I've had this exact same day.

Reply August 30, 2011

That is so awesome! Your kids sound like so much fun. If I had a school bus, I would load up all my grandchildren (15 of them) and haul them across the country for a play date!

Megan at SortaCrunchy
Reply August 30, 2011

My six year old is a conflicted idealist, too. So funny.

Reply August 30, 2011

Ketchup tastes so much better on genetically modified chicken. It is just yuck on a regular non modified piece. Glad your smart son took the Plunge. Just learned yesterday when my 7 year old left the house with no shoes, that sometimes we just have to choose to laugh. Glad you did. Praying for your Titus and you family everyday. Love to you all.

Reply August 30, 2011

Love it Amber! Made me laugh while sitting in traffic! What a funny snapshot of Romans 7! Thanks for sharing!

Reply August 30, 2011

i just wrote a poem about eating unborn chickens. i should send it to you.

Reply August 30, 2011

We tried not having GMOs for a while. It is very expensive buying grass fed beef for six. We cave in now and again... and pray for mercy, too.

emily wierenga
Reply August 30, 2011

lol! this is awesome amber...

Reply August 30, 2011

Picturing that from a 6 year old just made me smile! :)

hannah singer
Reply August 30, 2011

i love it!!

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