What I Wore Wednesday: Mama Style, Mama Fun

A couple of weeks ago I turned 32.

In some circles now, younger women call me the older woman, seeking my advice on motherhood and wifyness. Still, even in my 4 times around the block Mama Body, I feel 21.

It’s started taking one less squirt of lotion to cover my body after Titus was born. I count things like squirts of lotion. I’m 32 now, fine with all my counting, all my kids, the jeans that only fit when I stand. What 32 year old needs to be sitting down anyway?

We’ve got the yard to pick up. The Mailbox to open. Soon its preschool in the minivan (where no one sees your lower half anyway.) No really, I do have places to go and people to see, but put a baby on it, and you can wear anything that you can pull up past your big feet!

At 32, I enjoy myself, value goofiness always, the wearing of my favorite jewelry for laundry time, realizing FINALLY how very few people are actually looking. My boys don’t know it yet, so they peek their heads in the door before they let their friends in. Is she nursing? Is she dancing? Does she have on those tight pants? Is she taking weird pictures for her blog?

Probably so. Probably so. If you’re looking, then you may as well join in. What’s your fun?

This week I wore black (because it blurs it all together). I wore legging jeans and flats. It’s pretty much all because GAP turned out an awesome sale.

I wore bell bottoms. I wore slings and slings and slings, a baby with cloth on his heiny. I want for nothing – except this lamp, some chunky chunky shoes, and Sakura Bloom.

More soon on my transition from babywising to babywearing. More soon on my love for cloth diapering and how I’m enjoying my small wardrobe and all my lipgloss. A Mama makes her own fun, people, and this is mine, being girly in a house with 5 males.

In the spirit of two girls (her and her) I miss so so much, I’m joining in on What I Wore Wednesday here and here, though I’ll never pose like they do. I’m more what you call a poser, in that other way. They love me still, and glory be, have invited us all to a little party with grand party favors. I’m there right now eating virtual petit fours.

Also, check out our friends who work in India who’ve created the gorgeous JOYN product line. The Global Shoppe is doing a giveaway of Razorback red textiles that might look something like this!All you have to do is leave a comment at The Global Shoppe.

Full disclosure: everything I’ve encouraged here was done without my receiving anything but high fives and maybe your always encouraging comments. That’s all. Thanks for being my friend.


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Robin ~ Pensieve
Reply August 31, 2011

You're a baby-wearing, sling-flinging doll.

Which makes me smile, all 'round.

    Reply August 31, 2011

    I can't wait until we can talk!

Reply August 31, 2011

i love you sling! it makes me wish my son was still tiny where I could just carry him around everywhere. I miss those days.

    Reply August 31, 2011

    I'm really really trying to soak it all up.

Reply August 31, 2011

Amber, I am enjoying catching up on your blog. Your IRL friend Alison happens to be a family friend of mine and she shared your blog with me this weekend while I visited. What a gift you have. Thanks for your honesty and your beauty. Excited to continue following you on your life journey.

    Reply August 31, 2011

    Thank you, Jess. Thanks for reading. Don't you just love Ali?

      Reply August 31, 2011

      Completely love her! And all her adorable family:)

Reply August 31, 2011

Amber, you make me smile! And you remind me of the things that matter. Your joy and contentment are contagious, and make me look for the places of joy in my life. Thanks for that.

    Reply August 31, 2011

    Sometimes you have to look hard, and sometimes it's purring in your face like happy cat.

Reply August 31, 2011

You look effortless. You're already back to your tineh self and for that I love and smack you.

Gap fixes all ills. It really does. Also? Your hair is gorge.

It makes me SO HAPPY that you joined in this week. SO HAPPY. Titus is pulling out your girlyness, and this babe has done the same with me as well. Soon my pics will be more like yours, with babe on the outside instead of in. Can you believe it?!

    Reply August 31, 2011

    AIRS! It's your Birth month tomorrow! Whew. It's so good when the skin isn't the sling. My Mercy.

Reply August 31, 2011

do you think it would be weird if i sported a sling sans-baby?
i keep thinking of all the kangaroo-ific things i could carry :)

Reply August 31, 2011

you make me miss my infants! yours will turn into big boys with hair and insatiable appetites. and who cook you dinner and hold the door for you and carry your bags and kill snakes. i love being a boy mom and wish you the best!

    Reply August 31, 2011

    I love it, too, Kendal. My house is nasty, but I love it.

Reply August 31, 2011

How fun, glad you're doing the WIWW. Your beauty and substance is so refreshing!

Reply August 31, 2011

You look mahvelous, Dahling.

Christy Hood
Reply August 31, 2011

Amber, I LOVE reading your blogs! You, my dear, are awesome:)

Reply August 31, 2011

You are too cute. I'm 36 weeks, and have a 2 year old. I'm so looking forward to the snuggling with a newborn! I just got that same sling and can't wait to use it!

Reply August 31, 2011

Sara Sophia's virtual baby shower is OhSO fun!
and I have three boys now, and my transition from babywising to babywearing is pretty much complete too. I can't help it, I fall asleep in the chair at night, holding him. It's delicious. You look so fancy! I'm wearing sock monkey pajamas. Maybe I should go get dressed, for Wednesday's sake.

Elizabeth @claritychaos
Reply August 31, 2011

I absolutely get the trending towards more girly girl as more males populate the house. :)

Also interested to hear about the 'babywise to babywear' transition. You look very happy - so good to see a mama enjoying her new babe. I miss those days, only 2.5 yrs past.

Sara Sophiah
Reply August 31, 2011

I love you so much. And you are lovely inside and out. And you pose perfectly----effortlessly. I am so glad you are doing this.

I love looking at your pretty. Amidst your words.
Amidst your life.

You can do anything.


Reply August 31, 2011

so, SO presh-us.

Love your words & your heart behind the words!!

Yay for a sweet babe on the outside, too!

Sara@ it's good to be queen
Reply August 31, 2011

this is so good to read today. Love your contentment. Thanks friend.

Ashleigh Baker
Reply August 31, 2011

You are so very many versions of happiness. And I love you for it.


Southern Gal
Reply August 31, 2011

This post makes me happy! You go, girl. Being the sole female in that household of men has it's perks.

My daughter uses cloth diapers, too, and loves them. Actually she just switched to plain old prefolds with thirsties and wool covers. So much easier to clean.

Reply September 1, 2011

Amber, thank you for reminding me about girly-girls. I live in a house with two older, grumpy males (my hubby and my daddy) and now without Mom, it is starting to feel like a bachelor pad around here - just because I'm outnumbered and can't keep up with their antics sometimes. I will have to assert my girly-girl self more often!

Megan at SortaCrunchy
Reply September 1, 2011

You are too precious for words and thank you for posting life as it is in all of its beauty and glory.

And yes, the GAP makes all things better. Thank you, GAP.

And slinging a baby ... oh, I miss it. And the gentle ways you speak of here make my heart warm and tingly and smiley.

And I love your poses. Last week, I posted some full-length pictures on my blog for a different link-up and I realized this is HARD. The posing. The posting. It's hard and I am glad you did it.

Adventures In Babywearing
Reply September 1, 2011

Oh, these photos are so fabulous. Such a beautiful sling.


Reply September 1, 2011

You are cuter than a basket full of kittens. I felt just like that at 32, too.

Reply September 1, 2011

You look great! I just turned 34 and in my circle I am the mommy folks turn too too.
My youngest and last is almost 2 1/2 so I can 't put him in one of those anymore but sometimes want to :)

This is only my third week linking up at WIWW.

I currently have a fun anything goes linky at my blog that runs Friday through Monday each week. I just announced a new monthly “desperate 4 date night” linky and would love for you to join in on the fun. Here is the link explaing more.


Thanks for you time and hope to see you soon.

Reply October 18, 2011

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Reply September 5, 2015

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