Share the Beauty: you are my sunshine

When I wake in the night, jilting from the electric lights in subconscious worlds to the silent tired dark of suckling baby, I remember crazy scenes from dreams while my bobbing head fights the magnetic pull of pillows. Gravity is heavy at night.

I get up in the morning, the pull shifted to a coffee pot, and I’m crazy headed and dizzy. One night this week, my boys and I rolled under forever rows of church pews being chased by aliens.

The mother-grog is insane, and when someone sprinkles in a gift or a word of encouragement, it comes like a wake-up splash of water or some sort of soul anchor. Little packages in the mail and sweet texts can leave a smile on my face for hours.

Titus has been given the sweetest gifts from two shops that I’m adoring:



b. children’s wear

Dear friends, you know who you are. Thank you.

Also, the blanket in the backdrop and the star beanie are handmade by dear dear friends. Doesn’t that do the heart good to know that someone used their hands to bless you? It’s the cha-ching sound from two of the Five Love Languages – the love bank filling right up.

The maker of the star beanie is ten years younger than I, a light, a woman I love to death. Lindi and her good friend Monica are first-class songbirds. Today, their voices are a gift from me to you.

and Cha-Ching.


I’m so happy that I’ve been able to meet Monica, who just started a blog with her sister, and the vision of that blog is hard core amazing. I know I’m not the only one of you who’s struggled with the addiction they’re addressing on Set Free From Me. Check it!

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Reply September 10, 2011

clicked over to monica's blog. love.

imperfect prose
Reply September 10, 2011

oh, isn't it lovely, this blog community??!

Reply September 10, 2011

LOVE this version of You Are My Sunshine! You gals are amazing!

Sara Sophia
Reply September 10, 2011

I am so SO glad you loved your egg-a-go-go gear<3

When I said Wolf picked out the onesie......I think it was redundantly obvious :D

(we found egg-a-go-go one night while he was helping me Etsy search for the word "wolf"-----------amidst the inevitable crazy, their shop popped up. Love at first sight)

....also I keep dreaming of babies.

It amazes me how faithful our Maker is. Not only filling us with the sweetest of visions---but making them come to pass in the perfect time.
No one else is like Him.

Reply September 10, 2011

Love it. The raised by wolves is so fun!

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