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I want this poster hanging in my hallway until I die. I want my grandchildren to suspect a family feud over the treasured one, and I want a sensible daughter-in-law to buy as many copies as she can to hand to people at my funeral after they sing “It is Well.”

I want to live in community, and slowly but surely, I’ll learn how. {How To Build Community}


Also, I love this: 7 Ways to Have More by Owning Less.


And speaking of stuff and someone I adore dearly dearly: The amazing Moxie Mandie, one of my favorite shop owners,  won The Funky Vintage Lovely Giveaway!


Speaking of community, don’t forget your online community and your local community and the communities your friends serve abroad when you buy for Christmas this year. Let your money count in as many ways as possible.

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Reply October 16, 2011

That is an awesome poster, Amber. Thanks for sharing all of the other links, too. I'm going to be busy looking through each of them!

Ann Voskamp@A Holy Experience
Reply October 17, 2011

Yes, Amber Haines.

Just that.

(Can my Shalom come meet a Haines boy someday? She may be that sensible daughter in law? :)

*Thank you*

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