On Community, Suffering, and Hope

When we left “the ministry” after our first year of marriage, when Seth started law school and I the MFA in Poetry, we were so church sick, bone-weary soul sick, and we’ve found that this sickness is not unique to us, especially in our online community. More times than not, I’m coming across deep wounds, people left in a numb wake or angry at what should have been but wasn’t.

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Reply November 16, 2011

I am 67 years old and have experienced joy and sorrow, pain and discouragement, during the seasons of my life. Due to my husband's job, we have moved many times in our lives. We have had children go astray and come back. We have been a part of many church bodies. One thing I haven't been is hurt by the church. Each church I entered, the Lord told me to be His hands and feet, not go in for what I thought I was supposed to get out of it. That obedience to servanthood has brought me great joy in the varied church bodies. I have had those seasons where I could make it all week long, then walk into my church and cry the entire time. They were safe places for me and God's love was demonstrated to me whether the body was small or very large. There will always be some unloveable people wherever we go, we live in a sinful world. But God calls us to love our neighbors. Extending grace and love to others brings grace and love back to us. Christ loved the church and I believe, so should we.

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