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The nervous excitement was overflowing as Seth was cooking our breakfast yesterday morning, the day his journey to Ethiopia began. We were all rattling, saying out loud every word that came to our minds, ideas about flying over the ocean, how much money is in the bank, how much we love. We were hugging often, buzzing, and doing the kitchen dance, keeping conversation close while moving from spot to spot so Seth could open drawers.

In a perfect happy moment, Jude said something that made us all pause. He said something about his “wards.”

“Jude? What are your wards?!” we all asked.

And he did his amazing wry smile and pointed to the two little round dark circles on his chest: “These are my wards!”

Laughter, of course, peeled out, especially from Ian, who was quick to correct his older brother, “Jude! Those aren’t your wards! Those are your PRICKLES!”


you’re welcome
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Reply January 21, 2012

My kids started calling them their "nibbles". I refuse to correct them.

Reply January 21, 2012

Ha! Where did he get wards? I love the things kids say. And I bet now wards and pickles will be words you can just say and you'll immediately smile. Sure to bring Seth much love on his journey too.

    Reply January 21, 2012

    Nicole, I have no idea where he got Wards! They always make us smile, sometimes even when they're not supposed to, i.e. when they try to say bad words, and they get those wrong, too.

Reply January 21, 2012

This is adorable! My 3 year old calls them his boo boos :)

Reply January 21, 2012

my life is seriously much richer from this blog world experience! i just wish i could MEET your children! bippies here at our house....

Reply January 21, 2012

hahahahahahaha!!! love it!

Emily @ The Pilot's Wife
Reply January 21, 2012

When you were telling that story yesterday, I forgot to say that Miles called them his "buttons". You know, he has a belly button and then two more a little higher! HA!

Reply January 22, 2012

Thank you for the laugh!!! :) :) Sure do love those boys! Will and I are praying for a wonderful and safe trip for Seth and peace for you and the boys. God's hand is obviously in it, and I know He will comfort you during the separation. Love you sister!

Reply January 22, 2012

I really wish my kid didn't know the correct term for them. Now that I'm nursing his little brother, he goes around to all the women he meets, young and old and asks where their nipples are. At least he did, until I told him nipples are private. Now he points to his own and announces they are "privacy". There's no winning. Sigh. Why does the human body have to be so ding dang interesting?
This post cracked me up. It sounds like a party up in your house.

Joy @ Joy In This Journey
Reply January 22, 2012

wards = warts? which is equally hilarious.

Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight
Reply January 23, 2012

I have no idea....

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