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The other day, my 4 year old demanded I stand outside his preschool classroom to hug and kiss him. He still gave me a sloppy kiss before heading toward the girls with long hair, the eye glances his way – one shoving over a bit to make him room with the stickers.

After my oldest and I dropped the other one off, I asked him if he would hold my hand, and he did, but it wasn’t tight. I could feel the opposite end of the magnet, the feet using me as a wall at one side of the pool to push off into the world.


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 Have a good weekend! Put on a funky hat, go for a quiet drive, then turn up a dancy song. Finally, stop and read a poem out loud —

Go To The Limits of Your Longing.”

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Reply March 17, 2012

You have put tears in my eyes! My sweet boy just started holding hands...

    Reply March 18, 2012

    I want them to hold my hand forever, and maybe they'll step away for a while, but I do think they'll come back to sit with us and hold our hands. I hope so.

    Good grief. Now I want to cry, too. Most days I'm pretty tough. My oldest, Isaac, will hold my and his daddy's hand still for sure, but the other day it just felt different - like he was doing it for me, not for him. Gracious.

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