A Mother’s Good Work

Set apart, Mother, you were made for this. Did you know the Spirit of God has hovered over the face of all water? Even yours?

You let somebody in, be he love or what, and there inside, while you slept and your feet wandered in dreams, a secret thing happened.

Making like a big-boom, your body a universe, you mirrored Eden way down. You made a baby. These good works were planned before earth rose from roaring oceans.

Then you woke up a mother, said “how will I get through this day?”

Now in the early morning, your eyes open, body uncovered, indecent, and sprawled out. Bare feet to the wood floor, trail to the coffee, whether you know it or not, you look for God.

Baby’s got an angel voice in the crib. They wake up day with song, boys all in tiny underwear, brightest eyes. Before the clothes on, we sense God like we remember it, the heartbeat in the womb, the garden and Him around the corner calling our names, the perfectly fine feeling of being alone, naked, and content with our maker.


We can be lonely in this experience, Mama, you and I – yet we are with God. Walk with Him this Mother’s Day Weekend. You may not get your expectations, your morning to sleep in or your pedicure. Your hard work may never be acknowledged, but

Jesus is Emmanuel. Call Him so. I’m trying to let His name echo across the lonely places in my heart.


and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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Reply May 11, 2012

Thank you for this. My day seemed to be filled with (my mental) failure. The first sentence really ministered to my heart. Yes, God did make me for this and he will help me each step of the way.

    Reply May 11, 2012

    I needed to read it most. You're right, Victoria. God helps. Thank you for coming here. :)

Reply May 11, 2012

Your words are so beautiful! Yesterday, was one of those days that I was two steps behind the mess all day long. It's good to hear that you question this craziness, too! We were made for this, but this is really hard some days. Today is better. Mother's Day, I'll be hosting in- laws and calling on His name all day (weekend) long! When does our rest come? =)

    Reply May 11, 2012

    I love you, my Carrie.

    PS: Are you keeping up with the Clarks?

      Reply May 11, 2012

      I love you, my Amber! When are we going to get all of our boys together??? What a rowdy bunch we'll make!

      Yes, they are on my heart almost every hour of the day.

Reply May 11, 2012

This post made me cry, big heavy sobs. I hate holidays. I hate Mother's Day most of all. I always feel unappreciated and un-cared for. A year and a half ago my son died while I was in labor with him. Every Mother's Day is a painful reminder that I will NEVER have all my children in my arms at the same time. Not until I get to heaven anyway. My husband takes the stance that holidays are just a made-up reason for women to make men buy them things. I'm typing this, while sobbing. He's sitting right next to me, ignoring me and my crying. In a few minutes he will sigh an exasperated sigh and say, "What's wrong NOOWWW?!"
My heart is SO terribly lonely. Thank you for the reminder to walk with God and to lean into Him. I will try.

    Jessica Y
    Reply May 11, 2012

    Praying for you now.

      Genevieve @ Turquoise Gates
      Reply May 11, 2012

      Oh, my heart aches for you, lonelyone - for haven't we all been in the same lonely place?? I have experienced heart ache like yours and I so long to wrap you in the knitted afghan from the couch, fill your cold hands with a warm cup of coffee, sit right down next to you and just BE in this desolate place you've described. Know you are treasured and loved by the One who set it all in motion, and prayers that you'll find a measure of peace and eventual delivery from your personal desert.

    Reply May 11, 2012

    Friends, I would love to see you wrap your arms around thelonelyone, but here in this realm where we can't touch, let's use our words to bless her.

    thelonelyone, the terrible loneliness threatens so many of us. I'm seeing it everywhere and reading it, too. I'm starting to believe that loneliness is a driveway for God's presence. That, of course, doesn't make it less painful while we wait for glory.

    I suppose we never stop grieving until we see the Father. I am so sorry you lost your little boy. I imagine no ache is worse. And none can step into that feeling of loneliness with you, even if someone wanted to. No one knows really and truly how you feel, except Jesus.

    I'm praying for your freedom to grieve and to see glory all at once, that God would speak to your innermost parts how he loves you, and that your faith would be strengthened.

    God does NOT ignore you. His eyes roam for you. He cares for and keeps you and knows the plans he has for you, plans for a hope and a future, plans of peace.

      Reply May 11, 2012

      I will never, as a Mom, know the loss of losing one so small, however, I do understand the feeling of uncared for all too well. My man doesn't believe in calendar holidays, either and he has 'an issue' that to this day eats at my security. However, I have learned - the hard way - to embrace that I am loved....my girls need to see that most of all.
      Why do I fall for the media lie that Motherhood/Grandmotherhood is all about the flower arrangements, and breakfast in bed, and time for just me? Any other day, I am Mom and that includes life coach, referee, cook, bottle washer, taxi driver, candle stick maker.....and any other career definition I can place there.
      On any given day, I can embrace the mess that comes with Mommyhood so why is it so hard on Mother's Day....or Valentine's Day....or my birthday??? Only God can come in and heal those hurting places! He has done it in my life and He is drawing you close to Him to do it in your life, too! If He wasn't, you would not have read this blog....you would not have commented.
      Oh, dear one, know that today YOU ARE LOVED! Let God wrap you in His big arms, and your precious babies, too!! Even your husband! Jeremiah 17:7,8....find hope in HIM!

    Amanda @wandering
    Reply May 11, 2012

    My heart breaks for you. I cannot offer any words that seem right, that don't seem cookie cutter. But real big tears and prayers are being said for you right now. I pray you would be surrounded by people who care about you this weekend, who would love you, who would listen to you, who would just be a friend to you right now.

    Reply May 11, 2012

    dear lonelyone,

    Please please know you are not alone and what you feel is valid and real - you must seek real comfort in the Lord. Your void cannot be filled - but you can feel His comfort and His love. I am so sorry you have experienced such loss and heartache. Life throws us some curveballs that is for sure.
    Where do you live? I hope you have some skinfriends that you can share with exactly how you are feeling.

    Reply May 11, 2012

    Oh...dear one.

    You are loved. You are known. And I'm just so, so sorry for the great void and loss in your life. My heart breaks because yours is broken, and so painfully.

    I'm praying healing and grace and peace and even unexplainable joy over those places that threaten to defeat you over and over and over. That *this* very thing drives you to the One...a King...who calls you his baby girl.

    Reply May 11, 2012

    thelonelyone, Please know that you are not alone and that, if we could, we would all wrap you in our arms, make you a hot cup of tea, and sit with you while you cried as long and as hard as you needed to. I pray that our words will do, as we are spread across the miles and can't be there to surround you in person. You are so loved and many prayers are being offered for you.

    Reply May 11, 2012

    I echo the beautiful loving, grace-filled words left for you, thelonleyone... I may not know everything that you are feeling or going through right now, but I do know pain. I also know healing, and the Faithful Healer... who is near to those whose hearts are broken and whose spirits have been crushed... and He is the glory and the lifter of our head... and He is your shield. I pray that as you draw near, you will feel the reality of His presence filling in those deep places of your heart... and find His comfort...

    Reply May 12, 2012

    again with the sobs...... I'm going to print this off... the blog post and the comments and thumb-tack them on my wall where I'll see them every day. And put a copy into my Bible. Thank you. Thank you each one of you. In the book of Isaiah, God tells of a time when he will make an oasis in desolate places. My lonely place cannot last forever. God promises deliverance, but the waiting is hard. Thank you all for the encouragement and prayers.

      Reply May 13, 2012

      To thelonelyone....Happy Mother's Day!
      I pray that today would be just the day God wants you to be part of!

Reply May 11, 2012

Oh Amber, this is lovely. Thank you so so so much for knitting and sewing and patching these words, these thoughts all together to make, like a quilt, something beautiful, warm and comforting. (A now the grammar police will be after me for such a long sentence. Oh well.) Happy Mother's Day. Your writing is a gift to me.

    Reply May 11, 2012

    Elizabeth, please see above. You may always always come here to use extremely Loooong sentences. It's what I do. :)

    Thank you for encouraging me.

Kelly Sauer
Reply May 11, 2012

I love that I can hear your voice in my head as I read this. But really, I think you should record it. Because that would be better.


    Reply May 11, 2012

    Thank you, sweet Kelly. Ha! My southern accent is rather slathery, huh?

Reply May 11, 2012

A slathery, Southern accent? Two reasons I can't get enough.


Genevieve @ Turquoise Gates
Reply May 11, 2012

"Bare feet to the wood floor, trail to the coffee, whether you know it or not, you look for God." So sorry I missed you when you visited my house early one morning... ;-) Beautiful, beautiful words that ministered to my heart today, Amber.

Reply May 11, 2012

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Reply May 11, 2012

I love your beautiful post... but I also love how you allowed this place to be a place of healing.

This is true ministry... beautiful.

Reply May 12, 2012

my eyes are welled up reading the post and the comments. and this. this life of mothering and losing and life not measuring up....what are we to do but wait? and the waiting is tedious. praying now for you all that joy will slip in the cracks....

Reply May 12, 2012

This may be my favorite thing you've ever wrote. Conception like the big bang, the beginning of a universe growing inside at break-neck speed. What a beautiful, powerful metaphor.

And the ending there, that is it, what you say.

Love, love, love. Happy Mother's Day, Amber.

Reply May 12, 2012

Really, Amber. I want to talk about this piece in a book club or poetry class. It's like a painting, all the things I see and feel in here. I want to touch it all and keep it in my pockets.

Reply May 15, 2012

Thanks for your lovely words Amber! I so needed the reminder to let HIM fill the lonely places of my heart. I'm going to have to try really, really hard to let him fill my lonely heart today.

This mothers day found me in tears more than in joy, I found the entire day to be a struggle. This mothers heart felt all too much loneliness, un-cared for, un-loved, this weekend, so much so that I felt like an utter failure as a mother, and think I'll just skip the whole day next year!

It has been a strange journey this year, 2 kids have married and moved out, leaving only one (very quiet, don't even thing about any mushy emotions) teenaged son who's idea of a "happy mothers day is flopping a little gift on my desk as he quickly says "here" and scurries by as quickly as possible, when ALL I really wanted was a "happy mothers day mom" which he never even said the whole day long. My husband had to work a 12 hour shift, and It wan't until very late in the evening I was finally able to talk to my married kids, so it was a pretty quiet, lonely day.

But, another reason for all the melancholy and tears is that I have such a hard time missing my own mom. I so want to be able to have mothers day be about her, to show my love for her, to talk to her, and it can't be. It has been 13 years since she and my dad were both taken in a car accident, (my oldest was only 8 at the time) but holidays like mothers day and fathers day bring on so much ache and longing that it is so hard to find joy in the day. I see so many family and friends taking for granted that their mothers are here, when I long to just talk to mine, that it just deepens the longing and hurt.

I'm gonna quit now, the tears are still not running dry and I'm ready to forget the feelings the day has brought on.

Reply May 16, 2012

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Kathy Meyer
Reply May 22, 2012

Being a mother is a great responsibility and you are really a great mother to your child. Indeed, a mother do their best just to give everything for their child such as love, care, good life, education and a lot more.

    Andy Staunt
    Reply July 9, 2012

    I agree with you Kathy. As a mother we really want to give everything for our kids.

Reply May 28, 2012

This is actually one of the most inspiring post I have read especially it talks about mommies.. Anyway, thanks for the great post!

Reply May 29, 2012

Indeed, a mother do their best just to give everything for their child such as love, care, good life, education and a lot more. Thanks that you've shared.

    Hannah Walker
    Reply July 6, 2012

    You are right Claire. Being a responsible mother, you show care and love to your kids.

imperfect prose
Reply June 4, 2012

i miss you. :) and your boy is achingly beautiful.

Grace Kennedy
Reply June 6, 2012

You inspired me a lot, and I pray that you may be surrounded with people who care, love and strengthen you when you are lonely. For all those mothers out there who feel unappreciated and uncared for, I have one thing to tell you, that God loves you so much.

Vanessa Moore
Reply July 13, 2012

You really inspire me to be a good mother as well to my daughter. I could say that you are a great mom to your kid. I appreciate what you did to your kid. You really want to give the best for your kid and that is the good work of a mom.

Anna Childs
Reply August 2, 2012

So, interesting post. I am not yet a mother but by reading on your post I could say that you are a great mom and you are good to follow. If ever I will be a mom someday I will love and care my child as well.

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