Why It’s Okay to Not Be Enough

When they took my Titus to another room in the hospital to insert the feeding tube, I felt flush all over, green. My milk wasn’t enough. The food wasn’t enough, and so they called it “starvation mode” and “failure to thrive,” his one year old body the size of a 4 month old. My tiny buddy came back with a puffy, sad face covered in tape.

After having 3 sons before him, I had decided to really do it right this time. I ate and gave only organic foods, and I wanted to nurse him for as long as I could. The truth is that my list of how to do it the right way has grown very long, and the longer that list gets, the worse I am at doing anything well. All the homeschooling, gardening, nursing, and playing in the world wouldn’t add up to enough for me.

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  • July 23, 2012
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