The Saturdaily: Amber’s List

Beautifully Lyrical Writing: Just Enough for Farewells, from Dear Abby Leigh

Beautiful Quotes (all in one easy peasy place): 30 Indispensable Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Beautiful Voice (because everyone on the internet is starting to daggum sound the same): Guy Delcambre – let’s celebrate writers like this, whose voices are distinct. Delcambre has an intriguing sense of space. He writes movement into his words.

Beautiful Prompts: Mandy Steward of Messy Canvas is all beautiful lips and crazy awesome hair, PLUS she’s The Art Journaler, and when my kids pilfer through my books when I’m gone, I hope they find stacks of books made at her prompting. One day …

Beautiful Band: Me Without You, ” In a Sweater Poorly Knit” – listen to this writing. Listen to the concrete, all the tangible things things things that talk of ghosts.

Your flavor in my mind swings back and forth between sweeter than any wine, and bitter as mustard greens
Light and dark as honeydew and pumpernickle bread

Seth and I are going make our link lists a Saturdaily thing, and he is very good at seeing the beauty. Check it.


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Reply August 25, 2012

I'll be checking each one of these out:) And you struck fear in my heart with the Beautiful Voice comment. Lord help me if I'm starting to sound like everyone else. Must re-evaluate and lean into my own voice immediately;)

Reply August 25, 2012

i love the way you all hunt the beauty. thanks for including me in the spoils! xoxo

Sarah Van Beveren
Reply August 25, 2012

Everyone is starting to sound the same, you're right. I'm new to the world of writing-in-public, and it's a fight to try and find my own voice. I frequently see myself slip into the style I think people want to read. Thanks for the great reminder. Your words are always beautiful.

Shelly Miller
Reply August 25, 2012

Thanks for the inspiration, love what I've read so far.

D.L. Mayfield
Reply August 25, 2012

well, i am currently having my mind blown by the mewithoutyou song "the king beetle and the coconut estate". why not be utterly changed into fire?

Caroline Starr Rose
Reply August 26, 2012

Thanks for the 30 quotes link. That EL Doctorow quote about driving in the dark has gotten me through many a manuscript (and many a writing session). I've pulled several others for inspiration.

All best,

Reply August 28, 2012

Wonder if I'll be missed if I go somewhere and just read.....for like a really long time...these titles^ you list up here^? Better not try. Who would feed all the furry people....oh and the husband and kids? You make me want to crack open the spine of a book.

Alana Miller
Reply August 28, 2012

Oh man I love "In a sweater poorly knit"

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